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  • In with the new

    Make this the best year yet

    Today’s the first day of the new year. 

    No, it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke. April 1 marks the beginning of the CKI year—the day new club and district officers step into their roles. As you make a transition—from being a member to an officer, from an officer to a CKI graduate, or any combination in between—ask yourself how you can make this your best year yet. If you’ve had as much fun in CKI as we have, that’s a tall order. 

    Who’s “we,” you ask? Well, we’re your 2013–14 Circle K International ...

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  • Open to opportunity

    Fun and games at club meetings can reveal leaders’ hidden potential

    Author: Amelia Ahnert 

    Everyone in CKI knows leadership isn’t just for officers. But how do you identify and develop leaders in your club? One way is to get people talking—and showing their leadership skills—during activities at club meetings, socials and downtime during service projects. Below are some examples of “icebreakers” and other activities that can help you identify potential leaders. 

    Of course, these games are more than just for fun. After each activity, take a few minutes to discuss what happened. What went well? What could’ve gone better? How ...

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  • Meeting makeover

    Leave the snoozing for the alarm clock

    Authors: Mason Kuang and David Limjoco

    It’s a fact: Some meetings are just boring. 

    Another fact: Your CKI meetings don’t have to be a snoozefest. Regardless of whether it’s an all-member meeting or a small committee planning session, it doesn’t take much to give a meeting a jolt of excitement. Here are a few ways you can give your club meetings a makeover. 

    Make it fun. Schedule a fun theme for each meeting, such as “CKI secret service,” class pride or Freaky Friday. 

    Let ’em talk. Give all members (not just the president) ...

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  • Improve your serve

    Plan and track your CKI lifestyle

    Authors: Alex Bour and Danielle Sammut 

    Service is one of the most important aspects of CKI. It’s more than just what we do. It’s our lifestyle. Here are some tips about planning campus and community-wide events and keeping track of your service hours. 

    How do I plan an event? Follow these basic steps: 

    • Build a strong team of leaders. 
    • Reserve a location on campus in advance. 
    • Set a budget, then apply for a Tomorrow Fund grant. 
    • Secure plenty of volunteers. 
    • Market your event with fliers, banners and dining hall napkin placards. 
    • Ask friends, family, ...

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  • Be a task master

    5 ways to get organized

    Authors: Mason Kuang and Kathy Le

    Balancing school, CKI and your social life can get crazy sometimes. The good news is that following these five simple tips can keep all parts of your life more organized and much less stressful. 

    1. Make a to-do list. Before you start your task, think about what needs to be done and record it on paper, in your planner or on your phone. Be specific, and keep your list with you for reference as needed. 
    2. Break down larger tasks into smaller sub-tasks. Be sure to include timelines for each task. ...

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  • Give while it's hot

    Make summer another season of service

    Author: Kathy Le

    Just because school’s out for the summer doesn’t mean your community doesn’t need you until fall semester. Summer’s the perfect time to keep your club active, even if members have summer jobs or other commitments. Whether it’s service, fellowship or building relationships with other members of the Kiwanis family, there are plenty of opportunities for projects. 

    Not sure where to start? Try out some of these ideas! 


    “Topless” car wash: If the title itself caught your attention, it could make headlines in your hometown! Host a car ...

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  • Good on the go

    Stay connected with CKI—no matter where you go this summer

    Author: Jonathan Pevarnek

    The summer’s an amazing time for CKI members to relax at home with their families, travel across the globe or get exclusive internships. Unfortunately, many of those awesome opportunities pull students away from campus, which makes summertime projects and socials difficult to schedule. 

    If you’re still on campus during the summer, stay in touch with members who are out of town to let them know what's going on. Try to connect them with other opportunities by sending a weekly or biweekly email with information and ideas to ...

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  • Looped in

    Keep everyone linked—even if they’re all over the map

    Author: Mason Kuang

    If your club members or officers are working off campus for the summer or studying abroad, take advantage of technology to run virtual meetings. Use an online meeting platform, such as Google+ Hangouts, Oovoo or Skype. 

    Keep in mind: 

    • It might be difficult to find a time that works for everyone. Try an online scheduling tool, such as whenisgood, to figure out the best day and time. 
    • Your participants may be in other time zones, so when polling members for their availability, figure out time differences. Most ...

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  • The big picture

    Use personal enthusiasm and big ideas to connect with your campus, community and Kiwanis family

    Authors: Stefan Ludlow and Danielle Sammut

    Our goal: Make CKI the service club on our campuses. 

    We want to be the first club that comes to mind when our community needs us. But when it comes to spreading the word, word-of-mouth advertising can only do so much on large campuses with competing clubs. Here are three things you need to get a lot of attention (the good kind!): 

    1. Enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” People should feed off ...

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  • Bring it on, bring ’em in

    Top 10 tips to recruit new members

    Author: Amelia Ahnert

    Don’t do it alone. Make sure all club members know what the membership goal is—and what they can do to help the club reach it. 

    Craft an elevator speech. Give members some suggested CKI “talking points” before the recruitment season begins. 

    Stand out. Have a presence at school activities and fairs. Use free resources, such as the “Choose CKI” video at

    Get attention. Host in-house service projects in the student center and other busy areas on campus. 

    Make friends. Recruitment is about getting to know people, so start ...

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