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  • Break free with CKI magazine's travel issue

    CKI magazine's newest issue is live! Check out the Fall 2014 travel issue by clicking on the links below.

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  • Start strong

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  • 7 ways travel can rock your world

    Story by Jamie Moore

    Adam Braun was a college student backpacking across the globe when the course of his life changed forever. In India he asked a little boy begging on the streets what he wanted most in the world. 

    The answer: a pencil. 

    Braun reached into his backpack, pulled out a pencil, handed it to the child and watched the boy’s face light up. In that instant Braun felt what he calls a transformation in himself. 

    “I realized the incredible power of education,” says Braun. “I realized that even as a young person I could help someone in a ...

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  • Ready, prep, go!

    We all like to imagine ourselves as free spirits who just go with the flow, but most people find their vacations benefit from a bit of forethought. So before you pack up your duffle bag and hit the open road, here are a few reasons to consider doing a little planning first. 

    Time off from work. Put in your time-off request early, especially if you want to travel during popular holidays that your co-workers may want off as well. 

    Leave the homework at home. Plan to do those big papers or assignments in advance so you don’t spend half of ...

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  • Travel without paying for it

    No, really. Here’s how you can travel for free.

    Overseas flights. Hotels on white-sand beaches. Highly recommended restaurants. If the only thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “travel” is the cha-ching of money vanishing from your bank account, don’t dash your globe-trotting dreams. Travel on a dime—one that’s not even out of your own wallet. 

    Take your studies abroad 

    Your status as a university student is a golden ticket to another country—especially if you’re studying subjects such as political science, economics, anthropology, architecture or a foreign language. 

    Where to look for money: 

    • Your university’s study ...

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  • Tech travel buddies

    From packing to Wi-Fi to bathroom locators, we’re showcasing ten travel apps to make your journey easier. All of the apps listed are available for free for iOS and Android. 

    Make a list and check it twice 
    How many pairs of socks do I need for this trip? Do I really need to bring all these shirts? Pack smart* with the PackPoint packing list builder. Generate a customized packing list just by entering some basic information (gender, destination, date, length of stay) and answering questions about the kinds of activities you plan to do. Key feature: The app also ...

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  • Staycation: the alternative getaway

    Live like a tourist—wherever you are.

    Forced to stay on campus or at home during school breaks? Don’t get bummed out. Think about the upsides: 

    • You’ll save money. 
    • The money you do spend will help your local economy. 
    • You don’t have to worry about packing, scheduling flights or applying for a passport. 
    • You’ll get an opportunity to know your town and its residents even better than before. 

    Whether your “staycation” becomes a productive week or a relaxing one, there are plenty of ways to enjoy time off without traveling far. Here’s how you can make the most out of staying ...

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  • In with the new

    Make this the best year yet

    Today’s the first day of the new year. 

    No, it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke. April 1 marks the beginning of the CKI year—the day new club and district officers step into their roles. As you make a transition—from being a member to an officer, from an officer to a CKI graduate, or any combination in between—ask yourself how you can make this your best year yet. If you’ve had as much fun in CKI as we have, that’s a tall order. 

    Who’s “we,” you ask? Well, we’re your 2013–14 Circle K International ...

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  • Open to opportunity

    Fun and games at club meetings can reveal leaders’ hidden potential

    Author: Amelia Ahnert 

    Everyone in CKI knows leadership isn’t just for officers. But how do you identify and develop leaders in your club? One way is to get people talking—and showing their leadership skills—during activities at club meetings, socials and downtime during service projects. Below are some examples of “icebreakers” and other activities that can help you identify potential leaders. 

    Of course, these games are more than just for fun. After each activity, take a few minutes to discuss what happened. What went well? What could’ve gone better? How ...

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  • Meeting makeover

    Leave the snoozing for the alarm clock

    Authors: Mason Kuang and David Limjoco

    It’s a fact: Some meetings are just boring. 

    Another fact: Your CKI meetings don’t have to be a snoozefest. Regardless of whether it’s an all-member meeting or a small committee planning session, it doesn’t take much to give a meeting a jolt of excitement. Here are a few ways you can give your club meetings a makeover. 

    Make it fun. Schedule a fun theme for each meeting, such as “CKI secret service,” class pride or Freaky Friday. 

    Let ’em talk. Give all members (not just the president) ...

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