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The International Board of Trustees



Racheile Ricklefs
University of Central Florida/Indiana University, Bloomington  


Vice President

Jessica Davis
Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis  


Subregion A Trustee

Cedrick Mah
University Of Alberta  

Representing Montana, Pacific-Northwest, Utah-Idaho and Western Canada districts


Subregion B Trustee

Jennifer Park
University of California, Riverside  

Representing California-Nevada-Hawaii, Rocky Mountain and Southwest districts


Subregion C Trustee

Emily Bagwell 
Northwood University 

Representing Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota-Dakotas and Wisconsin Upper-Michigan districts


Subregion D Trustee

Sara Nguyen
University of Missouri 

Representing Kansas, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Missouri-Arkansas, Nebraska-Iowa and Texas-Oklahoma districts


Subregion E Trustee

Amanda Ferster 
Lycoming College 

Representing Kentucky-Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia districts


Subregion F Trustee

Vy Tran
University of Maryland, College Park 

Representing Capital, Eastern Canada, New England, New Jersey and New York districts


Subregion G Trustee

Camille Tyler
Appalachian State University 

Representing Alabama, Carolinas, Caribbean, Georgia and Florida districts


International Trustee-At-Large

Calvin Charles
Hampden-Sydney College 

Representing the District of Andean and Central America and all non-districted clubs outside North America