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  • Updated downloads for 2016

    It's October and that means it's time for updated documents. 

    The following documents have been updated for 2016:

  • International Awards Task Force- Call for applications

    Are you interested in representing your fellow members on the international level? Do you have experience with awards on the district level? Do you enjoy writing assessments and evaluations? Well now's your chance to shine! An International Awards Task Force is being assembled and we need you to apply. Completed applications are due October 17 at 11:59 EDT. Download the application for complete details.  

  • March of Dimes "Give them tomorrow" initiative PowerPoint and Video link

    Is your club, division, or district looking for a simple, no cost way to support and promote March of Dimes? The month of November getting closer and that means Prematurity Awareness Month is on the horizon. Consider participating in March of Dimes newest initiative Give them tomorrow. Give them tomorrow is an integrated platform that unites the efforts of the March of Dimes, corporations, organizations and individuals to generate awareness and funding for the March of Dimes mission.
    Throughout the fall, the March of Dimes will incorporate this theme into all their actions as they seek to engage you, your friends and everyone you know.  

    Take some time to download the Give Them Tomorrow PowerPoint which includes information on the initiative, including a sixty second PSA. Share the information from the PowerPoint and the PSA with others who can help your club, division, and district support March of Dimes. 

  • Prematurity Awareness Month Activity Toolkit now available

    The March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month Activity Toolkit is now available for download. Use this toolkit to plan events on your campus or in your district. Don't forget to check out CKI social media for additional ideas and our Prematurity Awareness Month Pinterest Board for more ideas, too.  

  • Prematurity Awareness Month Fundraising Idea- Baskets for Babies

    Baskets for Babies

    A 3-on-3 basketball tournament is a great way to raise funds for March of Dimes by involving different campus organizations and community members. Your club will need to get the word out to field enough teams. Teams can be organized by age range- so you could have teams from the local middle and high school, your campus and even from the community.   

    Things you need:

    A gym- Check with your college/university to see if the space is open for your event and the cost to rent the space. In most cases, if the gym is not booked you can use the facilities for free or a very nominal fee. Make sure there is seating for those people interested in coming to watch the tournament. 
    Players/Teams- Each team should have 4 members so each team has one substitute. There are two ways to register players for the tournament. You can ask that teams be formed at the time of registration or if players cannot find enough players for a team, your club can pair up single players with others of the same age range and height.  Some organizations on campus will enter multiple teams. You can offer a discount to those organizations. 
    Brackets- Your club will need to determine when each team begins playing and create brackets for each age range. 
    Referees- Partner with members of the basketball teams to serve as referees and scorekeepers. You could co-organize the event with the basketball teams! 
    First Aid- Make sure to have ice packs, Band Aids, and Ace Bandages available in case of injuries. If you have an athletic training, physical therapy, nursing or pre-med students in your club this is something they can easily coordinate. 
    Scorekeeping equipment- In a 3-on-3 tournament, it’s easiest to keep score using flip-card scoring. You can make these or purchase them. You’ll need one for each court.   
    Concessions- Your spectators and players will get hungry. Have a concession stand selling food and drinks to those in attendance. Popcorn, canned soda, bottled water, chips, and candy are easy concession items. If you add items like hot dogs or sandwiches (like hamburgers and veggie burgers) you can increase your profits.  Club members should be in charge of the concession stand. You can provide information on prematurity, your club, Kiwanis and March of Dimes along with each item sold.  
    Prizes- Don't forget to provide prizes for the winners of each age range and invite someone from the local March of Dimes chapter to present the prizes at the conclusion of the tourney.
    Publicity- You’ll need a group of club members to create and distribute items to create a buzz around your event. This can be via social media, fliers around campus and speaking at meetings for other organizations. 
    Payment for your volunteers- Your volunteers are worth their weight in gold. While you can afford to pay them in cash, you can “pay” them for their time. One easy way to “pay” volunteers is providing food and drinks during the event. 
    Contact people for teams on tournament day- You should have one or two contact people for each age range on the day of the tournament. This person/people will make sure the teams get to the correct court and will fill out the brackets as each game is completed. Teams should know where to check-in upon arrival and who their point of contact is prior to arrival. 
    Admission- Spectators will want to come and watch their friends play in the tournament. You can charge a flat fee at the door or ask for a donation to March of Dimes. Make sure you have at least one person (and a money box with change) at each entrance at all times. 


    • If possible ask teams to wear the same shirt so it’s easy for the referees to distinguish one team from another. 
    • Set the registration fee dependent upon your campus. Most programs will charge $80 per team (or $20 per person) or more. 
    • If you want to provide a t-shirt for the event, work with local businesses to get sponsorship and use those funds to offset the price of the shirt. Put the sponsor’s names and logos on the back of the shirt as part of their sponsorship agreement. This is great publicity for your sponsors. 
    • Do you want to give trophies? Team up with a local trophy shop and ask them to donate the trophies in exchange for putting their name and logo on your t-shirts, too.  
    • Remember, the more items you can have donated through sponsorship, the more funds you can donate to March of Dimes. 
    • Invite the members of the campus and local media to cover your event. 
    Other fundraising ideas-  
    Hold other contests as part of the tournament- Add a Three Point Shooting Contest, Free Throw Shooting Contest and a Slam Dunk Contest (check with the gym manager before doing this because no one wants to pay for a shattered backboard.) Charge an entry fee for those who want to participate- this isn’t limited to those playing in the tournament. Give out prizes.  
    Raffles- Ask local businesses to donate items like gift cards. Sell chances to win donated items or services. 
    Get your faculty and Kiwanis members involved- Ask the president or dean of your college/institution to participate in a shoot out with your club president or another faculty member. It’s great to get different levels of the administration involved with student organizations. Don’t forget to ask your sponsoring Kiwanis club to participate, too. 

  • Where to go in Toronto

    The start of CKIx is less than two month away. Our host committee from the University of Toronto Circle K club has developed this list of attractions and transportation options for you. Check it out and learn what Toronto has to offer! Don't forget, all dollar amounts are listed in Canadian currency. To find out the current exchange rate check out this handy currency converter. Remember the exchange rate can fluctuate daily, so check the exchange rate before you leave for Toronto to get the most up-to-date rate. 

  • JCI and CKI partnership webinar

    Have you heard of the new partnership between Circle K/Kiwanis and Junior Chamber International? Watch this webinar to find out more about the two organizations and how your clubs can get involved in this partnership. JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson will be joining us to share about his organization and how the Kiwanis Family can get involved. When we work together, we can get more members and do more service!

    Watch the webinar here

  • Questions with Que- Office hours for PATH Leader Applications

    Have you thought about being a LSSP Team Leader? Have you looked at the application, but you still have questions? Join LSSP Fellowship Representative Jennifer Que for office hours any of on these dates for Questions with Que:
    Thursday March 10th: 8:00PM PST/ 11:00PM EDT
    Thursday March 17th: 5:00PM PST/ 8:00PM EDT
    Thursday March 24th: 8:00PM PST/ 11:00PM EDT 
    Thursday March 31st: 5:00PM PST/ 8:00PM EDT
    Have your questions answered and get first hand knowledge from someone who has been in your shoes! 
    Check out this link for more details, to submit questions, and access the office hours link!   

  • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink... World Water Day 2016

    Imagine living in a country where you had to travel miles to reach clean drinking water. 

    Imagine spending most of your days collecting and carrying water back to your family. 

    Imagine living without access to a proper toilet. 

    For many people these aren't just scenarios on a computer screen. This is life. 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water. That's roughly the populations of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Colombia and France combined. They don't have the luxury of turning on a faucet in their house and filling a glass with water to drink. Many people, mostly women and girls, spend up to 6 hours a day fetching water for their families. What we take for granted, they give up jobs and education for each day. 

    World Water Day is held annually on March 22 as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. It's also a time for you to bring this serious issue to the forefront on your campus. 

    We've compiled some statistics and project ideas your club can do right on your campus. Feel free to use our ideas and even come up with a few ideas of your own. Be sure to pay attention to CKI social media on March 22 to learn more about the water crisis around the globe. 

    Water Statistics

    Project Ideas 

  • Running for International Office webinar now available

    Did you miss the Running for International Office webinar? Or do you just want to know more about running for International Office? Check out the Prezi.  

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