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  • CKIx Marks the Spot webinar

    Still haven't registered for CKIx? Want to learn more so you can make an informed decision? Watch "CKIx Marks the Spot" to learn more about the service projects for LSSP, how to find sponsors to finance your trip and so much more! 

    Or visit:

    Go To Webinar CKIx Marks the Spot

  • Kiwanis One Day Word Cloud

    Calling all members- take a few moments to submit a word or two for in the Kiwanis Family Relations Kiwanis One Day Word Cloud. The whole process will take less time than composing a Tweet. Click below to get started!  

    Kiwanis Family Word Cloud 

  • Parli PROS and DCONS webinar



    How do I make a motion? 

    Do I need a second?

    What does it mean when someone says "Point of order?" 

    Do you ever hear the term "Roberts Rules of Order" and ask yourself "Who is this Roberts guy and why does he get to make all the rules?" 

    If you do, then we have a webinar just for you! Parli PROS and DCONS will bring you up to speed with parliamentary procedure tips, give you key terms and prepare you for your upcoming house of delegates at DCON. 

    Use the link to view this helpful and informative webinar.... you'll be a Parli Pro before you know it!

    Parli PROS and DCONS Webinar 

  • Show Your Love, Save a Life

    Love is in the air; can you feel it? Valentine's Day is on the way, a perfect time to show your love for others while saving lives. Circle K International on campuses worldwide will again host Show Your Love, Save a Life events for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal-neonatal tetanus. 

    Use the guide to plan events or create projects. Enlist the help of your Kiwanis friends, too; they'll love the chance to show their love for CKI and The Eliminate Project

  • Join Erika Lim in January for important information on The Eliminate Project

    Join Erika Lim, CKI Service Ambassador, on Saturday January 10th from 7:30 to 9:30 PM PST (8:30 PM Mountain; 9:30 PM Central; 10:30 PM Eastern) and find out how you can get recognition from the Eliminate Project Campaign Office!  Many clubs have already donated funds to the project, but did you know that you needed to fill out the KIWANIS FAMILY RECOGNITION FORM to actually receive things like patches, pins, certificates, & Elimindallions!

     Learn more about how this works during Erika's office hours using this link at the assigned time:

  • Kiwanis family celebrates measured progress

    Fewer babies dying from tetanus

    The Kiwanis family’s efforts through The Eliminate Project are making a big difference. The number of babies dying from neonatal tetanus dropped 15 percent between 2010 and 2013, according to a new report by the Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group. One baby now dies every 11 minutes—with approximately 9,000 fewer babies dying each year. But 134 newborns still die every day.


    Find out Kiwanis’ latest fundraising totals during the next Worldwide Report Day on November 12, 2014, when we’ll showcase our progress at We’re on the verge of turning a global effort into a worldwide achievement with the strides we’re making toward our US$110 million goal. Help keep the momentum going!

  • Get travel tips from CKI magazine

    Break free with CKI magazine

    Plan your great escape with the newest edition of CKI magazine. Whether you’ll road-trip it to the 2015 CKIx in Indianapolis, serve abroad after graduation or study classical languages in Europe, we’ve got you covered. Read about:


         How travel has changed others’ lives—and how it can change yours, too

         Which apps should go with you and why you should start planning now

         Ways to go on someone else’s dollar—and how to make the most of a “staycation”

    Read it now 

  • Join with your Kiwanis sponsor

    Honor Kiwanis family 

    November is Kiwanis Family Month. Celebrate your local Kiwanis family by contacting your sponsoring Kiwanis club to see if they have a project with which they need help—or ask if a Kiwanis member can speak to your club. Find out what your sponsor club has been doing and how you can support their efforts in the coming year. Your Kiwanis sponsor is a great resource; stay in touch!

  • Trick or treat for UNICEF: It’s time to celebrate!

    You did it! Thanks for making 2014 the best Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF yet. Your Circle K club saved the lives of moms and babies because you chose to collect coins instead of candy. Now it’s time to celebrate! Announce your accomplishment. Hold a pizza party or ice cream social to recognize your club members’ contribution to eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. And don’t forget to send in your hard-earned funds.

    Send a check or money order (payable to the Kiwanis International Foundation) for at least US$250 along with your completed gift form by December 31 to be eligible for a Trick-or-Treat banner patch. Funds should be mailed to:

    The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office

    Kiwanis International Foundation

    3636 Woodview Trace

    Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA

    ATTN: Trick-or-Treat

    Write the club name or club number on the memo line of the check.

    What’s next? If your club loved being a part of the worldwide effort to raise funds for The Eliminate Project through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, mark your calendars for “"Show Your Love, Save a Life".” In February, Circle K clubs around the globe will host one of four trademark events to raise funds and awareness. Jump-start your club’s lifesaving event with this fundraising guide. More information will come soon.

    Thanks again for being part of our worldwide effort to change history and save lives!

  • See what's coming up

    Don’t miss out on CKI’s awesome service, fellowship and leadership opportunities. Get pumped about what’s coming up next semester—and learn more about an event that’s happening right now! 

    NOVEMBER | Kiwanis Family Month
    Kiwanis Family Month is just getting started! You still have plenty of time to celebrate being part of the worldwide Kiwanis family, which includes not just CKI and Kiwanis, but also K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club and Aktion Club, as well as programs such as Key Leader, Bring Up Grades and Terrific Kids. 

    DECEMBER 2 | Giving Tuesday
    For the third year, the Kiwanis International Foundation is proud to be an official partner for Giving Tuesday, a global campaign dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, our foundation will participate in Giving Tuesday by raising funds for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. The Children’s Fund supports grants to Kiwanis clubs, districts and district foundations—and grants to Kiwanis’ Service Leadership programs, including CKI Leadership Academy. For 5 years, the Leadership Academy has received grants from our foundation to support members attending the program at a reduced cost. This year our foundation has set a goal of raising US$30,000 on Giving Tuesday, December 2. Meeting this fundraising goal for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund would cover the cost of a CKI Leadership Academy grant to reduce costs for attendees, so show your support for CKI Leadership Academy and many other Kiwanis-family programs by making a gift to our foundation on December 2. 

    FEBRUARY | Fundraising for The Eliminate Project
    CKI members will “Show Your Love; Save a Life” around Valentine’s Day to raise money for The Eliminate Project. Get the details and watch for updates about this year’s campaign in upcoming publications. 

    FEBRUARY AND MARCH | District conventions 
    CKI's 2015 district convention season takes place throughout February and March. Find out more about your district’s event

    APRIL 5–11 | CKI Service Week 
    Join other Circle K International clubs around the world during CKI Service Week, beginning April 5 and culminating on Kiwanis One Day on April 11, 2015. Keep an eye out for announcements via CKI publications and social media. 

    JUNE 24–28 | CKIx
    Prepare yourself for the the greatest CKI experience as the Circle K International convention and Large Scale Service Project converge in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not only will you be part of the Circle K experience, but you’ll also help Kiwanis celebrate its centennial birthday. Complete information will be available in mid-December.

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