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  • International Awards Task Force- Call for applications

    Are you interested in representing your fellow members on the international level? Do you have experience with awards on the district level? Do you enjoy writing assessments and evaluations? Well now's your chance to shine! An International Awards Task Force is being assembled and we need you to apply. Completed applications are due October 17 at 11:59 EDT. Download the application for complete details.  

  • Try the Skip-A-Meal Special

    Sure, a burger and fries will fill you up and quell your hunger until dinner. But that US$5 cost could fill the bellies of seven hungry children. And with the US$5 each member of your Kiwanis-family club would pay for lunch, you could buy shoes to provide miles of protection and comfort for five kids, all by donating the cost of one meal. (These examples are from previous foundation grants.)

    Each April, Kiwanis-family members worldwide participate in the Skip-A-Meal program to help the Kiwanis International Foundation serve children in need. It’s a great opportunity for members to reflect on the true meaning of Kiwanis and rededicate themselves to serving children in need. Your club’s gift of the cost equivalent of just one meal per member will help fund more club grants and scholarships that directly benefit children and youth. And your club will earn a year-dated Skip-A-Meal banner patch to recognize your participation. 

    Visit to plan your event and make your gift online. Skip a meal, help a child. It takes just a little time, but it changes lives.

  • Safety in Service, Always

    While your club seeks to serve your community, you should always consider safety. Risk is inherent in nearly everything we do, but sometimes the ways to avoid accidents and reduce liability aren’t necessarily obvious. As your club plans spring and summer projects and activities, now is a great time to refresh your knowledge about risk management.

    What’s covered by your insurance? What’s excluded? When do you need to use waivers? And how should you report a claim if an accident does happen? Check out the tools at, starting with “You Are Covered: Overview of General Liability Insurance” for U.S. and Canadian clubs. The overview includes details on who is insured, coverage, key exclusions, claim-reporting information and other important FAQs. The more you educate yourself and other club leadership on how to financially protect your club and physically protect members and participants, the safer everyone will be.

  • Shutterbugs, Show Us Your Shots

    Did you do great things as a member of Key Club or Circle K International? Share! Send in your pictures of club events or just you and fellow club members hanging out during your Key Club and CKI years. This way current and former members can see your smiles.
    Be sure to include the names of people in the photos and the year the photos were taken. By uploading or emailing a photo or video, you acknowledge you own the copyright and agree to allow the photo or video likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Kiwanis, its producers, sponsors and/or organizers without compensation or notice to you.
    Then, either “like” the Key Club International Alumni Association or the CKI Alumni Association on Facebook and upload your photo to a wall post. Or email your photos directly to or Thanks for sharing!

  • There's Still Time to Learn

    Devote your Tuesday evenings in May and June learning to make an impact on your club meetings, club website, community projects and Kiwanis members worldwide by attending these free webinars:

    Being an Informed Delegate (May 17): Get an overview of what delegates will discuss at the Kiwanis International convention’s business session, learning more about amendments and candidates for office so you can consider your vote carefully.

    Club Meetings with Impact (May 24): Make an impact on the standard, boring old club meeting by keeping everyone excited and engaged through fun and rewarding activities.

    Quick, Easy Service Projects (June 7): Yes, your club can make high-impact changes in your community through service projects that are quick, easy and low-cost; these Kiwanis clubs do.

    Best Practices for Club Websites: Part II (June 14): Take your website to the next level after this overview of best practices and review of free resources that enhance your site and make your job easier.

    All webinars start at 8 p.m. Eastern time. To sign up for these sessions plus topics like Member Engagement and Signature Projects, register now at Webinars also are archived online to watch later.

  • Latest Issue of CKI Magazine Online Now

    It seems like the most-inspirational club leaders, the ones who everyone admires and likes to follow, have some sort of secret. What do they know that makes them so successful? Find out in the April 2011 digital issue of Circle K International’s magazine. Hint: It has something to do with the third CKI tenet, fellowship. The latest issue is available now at, where you can learn more about:

    • Managing volunteers: There’s no such thing as too many volunteers, right? Make sure you’re not driving away the precious ones you have with unnecessary hurdles. Simplify your club’s volunteer processes with these tips, page 6.
    • Becoming an officer: Have you considered growing your leadership skills by serving as a club or district officer? Get the inside edge on elections with advice from those who’ve gone before you, page 4.
    • Leadership lessons: Find out what leadership trainers and CKI’s Facebook fans think makes a good leader, pages 5 and 7.

    CKI Magazine is published digitally in April and November. You can submit your Circle K news for magazine or website consideration, along with high resolution images, to Read the April issue online now and receive future issues and other news in your inbox by joining the CKI email list at

  • Watch Videos and Spread the Kiwanis Message Further

    Including video clips on your club website or in electronic newsletters is a powerful way to make Kiwanis activities come alive for your members.  But don’t let unfamiliar technology scare you off: Downloading, viewing, and even embedding video into your own website is not as hard as you think. You can easily learn how

    And don’t forget to subscribe to the Kiwanis International official YouTube video channel at You can be notified when new videos are posted.

    Some of the videos available to download or view on YouTube include:

    • From Past to Present
    • It Starts With ONE
    • Kiwanis International President Messages
    • Kiwanis One Day
    • One Can Make a Difference
    • The Eliminate Project

    Some older Kiwanis videos are available as a CD data file or as a DVD, which may include a cost for production, materials and shipping. Request a videos.

  • Serve Children in a Big Way

    Every day, your club is helping children in your community, and the Kiwanis International Foundation raises funds to make your service projects and student scholarships a reality.

    Help serve children in need around the world through Kiwanis International Foundation’s Sustaining Donor program. It’s the key giving program for individuals who want to make a big impact in children’s lives.  You gift makes a huge difference: US$50 = 10 children’s books, US$5 = 7 meals, US$100 = 5 pairs of shoes, US$175 = 1 after-school program for an at-risk child.

    For more information, visit

  • It Only Takes One--Each

    Remember how you came to the Kiwanis family? Chances are it was because someone you knew and trusted invited you to a meeting or encouraged you to join. Every Kiwanis family member can make their own impact on the club by inviting just one new person to join, too. Learn how to reveal your club’s growth potential by reaching out to your community at the free webinar Reveal: Reach Out.

    Get ideas how to make service projects, socials and meetings more fun; how to capture a member’s passion to make their Kiwanis experience meaningful, and how to engage all members in membership recruitment at this April 12 webinar starting at 8 p.m. Eastern time. All you need to do is register at Webinars also are archived online to watch later.

  • Ready to Graduate? Continue on with CKI and Key Club!

    Class reunions and social media help you stay close to high school and college friends when you go your separate ways. But what about pals from Circle K International and all those projects you sweat over together? Graduation doesn’t mean an end to serving.

    With the CKI Alumni Associations, you have a great way to stay engaged. It’s easy to join, and it’s free. Just go to the alumni association website and begin to reconnect. Let folks know what you’ve been up to, and see what’s been happening since you left.

    Of course, you can help spread the word too. If you know any alumni, send them this link and encourage them to sign up today:

    Want to learn more about the all-new alumni associations? Participate in the Alumni association's free webinar:

    April 21 Alumni Associations 101:
    Growing the Kiwanis Family through Reconnecting

    Webinars are live at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and all you have to do is register They’re also archived online to watch later.

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