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Try the Skip-A-Meal Special

Sure, a burger and fries will fill you up and quell your hunger until dinner. But that US$5 cost could fill the bellies of seven hungry children. And with the US$5 each member of your Kiwanis-family club would pay for lunch, you could buy shoes to provide miles of protection and comfort for five kids, all by donating the cost of one meal. (These examples are from previous foundation grants.)

Each April, Kiwanis-family members worldwide participate in the Skip-A-Meal program to help the Kiwanis International Foundation serve children in need. It’s a great opportunity for members to reflect on the true meaning of Kiwanis and rededicate themselves to serving children in need. Your club’s gift of the cost equivalent of just one meal per member will help fund more club grants and scholarships that directly benefit children and youth. And your club will earn a year-dated Skip-A-Meal banner patch to recognize your participation. 

Visit to plan your event and make your gift online. Skip a meal, help a child. It takes just a little time, but it changes lives.