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Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

Circle K International offers numerous scholarships and awards for our members. From academic and leadership-based scholarships, to funding for clubs to do service projects to awards for individuals and clubs impacting their communities, CKI recognizes the contributions of our members and clubs throughout the world.

CKI Scholarships

Thanks to generous donors whose dedication to Circle K International, the Kiwanis family and community service, Circle K International members have access to various scholarships.  CKI scholarship applications are posted each year on November 1 and remain open through February 1. Learn more and apply for a Circle K International scholarship here.

CKI Awards

Each year at the Circle K International Convention, members are honored for their service and contributions to the organization and their communities.  All clubs and members are eligible to apply.

The Circle K International has three different types of awards which applicants may apply for: Distinguished, Club and Individual Awards. Distinguished Awards are offered to members serving on Circle K International District Boards or International Committees. While there is often no formal recognition of District Board members on the District level, the International Awards Program gives an opportunity to recognize these incredible leaders. Distinguished Awards are as follows:

  • Distinguished District
  • Distinguished District Governor
  • Distinguished District Administrator
  • Distinguished District Secretary-Treasurer
  • Distinguished District Secretary
  • Distinguished District Treasurer
  • Distinguished District Editor
  • Distinguished District Chairperson
  • Distinguished Lieutenant Governor
  • Distinguished Kiwanis Committee Member
  • Distinguished International Chairperson

Club Awards allow clubs throughout Circle K International to showcase their work and be recognized for their outstanding efforts and projects. Clubs may be able to showcase their accomplishments through service projects, recruitment efforts, fundraising initiatives, or total achievement. Club Awards are as follows:

  • Club Achievement Award
  • Club Outstanding Kiwanis Family Relations Award
  • Circle K International Promotional Video Award
  • Outstanding Single Service Award
  • Outstanding Club Recruitment Award
  • Charter of the Year

Individual Awards recognize members for their exemplary contribution to Circle K International. Individual Awards are as follows:

  • CKI Hall of Fame Award
  • New Member of the Year Award
  • Returning Member of the Year Award
  • Outstanding International Committee Member Award

CKI Recognition Awards

Circle K International has three awards dedicated to recognizing individuals who have made an impact on Circle K International. These are the highest honors given by the organization.

  • Circle of Service
  • Outstanding Alumnus
  • Humanitarian Award

All individual recognition awards will now be submitted through an online form. Nominations must be submitted by January 14, 2022.

Circle of Service Award

The Circle of Service Award was created to annually recognize and honor an individual within Kiwanis International who has made the most outstanding contribution to all of Circle K International. Those individuals, who are neither salaried Kiwanis officials nor Circle K members, shall be eligible to receive this award. Individuals may not be recognized with this award more than once. Nominations are submitted prior to the international convention and voted on by the Circle K International Board. If in the determination of the CKI Board, no qualified nominees have been submitted, then the award shall not be given that year. If a qualified nominee is chosen, the award is presented at the international convention.

  • 2021 Dave Kelly
  • 2020 Brent Leslie
  • 2019 Kelly Shaup
  • 2018 No recipient named
  • 2017 Anla Etheridge
  • 2016 Janet DeGroot/Crit Snellgrove
  • 2015 Jennifer Wolff
  • 2014 Alison Mandel
  • 2013 Larry Spone
  • 2012 John Woodall/Camille Goulet
  • 2011 Don Hull
  • 2010 Gregory Faulkner
  • 2009 Jeffrey Wolff
  • 2008 John “Johnny K” Keegan
  • 2007 No recipient named
  • 2006 John Nichelson
  • 2005 Jane Alexander
  • 2004 Tom French
  • 2003 Carolyn Hansen
  • 2002 Robert Powers
  • 2001 Bruce Marich
  • 2000 Don Knowles
  • 1999 No recipient named
  • 1998 Timothy Daly
  • 1997 Alex A. “Bo” Shafer, Jr.
  • 1996 Brian G. Cunat
  • 1995 John Krug
  • 1994 James A. Roehm
  • 1993 Kent A. Marmon
  • 1992 Jackson “Doc” Hammitt
  • 1991 Joe L. Pratt
  • 1990 F. Larry Rittgarn
  • 1989 David Womack
  • 1988 Anton J. “Tony” Kaiser
  • 1987 Timothy W. Clipson
  • 1986 John T. Roberts
  • 1985 Andre Babet
  • 1984 Dr. Myral C. Coatney
  • 1983 Ed Kralicek
  • 1982 Steve A. Means
  • 1981 Robert W. Thal
  • 1980 Ralph D. “Gus” Gustafson
  • 1979 Douglas Wasson
  • 1978 Robert E. Hodges
  • 1977 George “Dad” Gray
  • 1976 Marcus M. Marble, M.D.
  • 1975 Robert E. Palmer
  • 1974 George McCutcheon
  • 1973 Franklin Allan Hayse
  • 1972 J. Walker Field
  • 1971 James M. Storie
  • 1970 Stewart H. McElravy
  • 1969 James B. Guillory
  • 1968 No recipient named
  • 1967 Donald J. Cox
  • 1966 J. Murray Anderson

Outstanding Alumni

The Circle K International Outstanding Alumni Award is designed to recognize one outstanding Circle K Alumnus who has remained committed to the realization of mankind’s potential after his/her years as a Circle K member.

  • 2021 Virginia Braswell
  • 2020 No recipient
  • 2019 Brian Root
  • 2018 Ben Osterhout
  • 2017 Alec Macaulay
  • 2016 Justin Hahn
  • 2015 Not Awarded
  • 2014 Eric Paul
  • 2013 Jennifer Wolff
  • 2012 Sue McClernon
  • 2011 Neil Giuliano
  • 2010 Mark Musso
  • 2009 Brent Leslie

Humanitarian Award

The Circle K International Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual whose efforts on behalf of others have significantly contributed to the betterment of the world. Any individual who has had a positive impact on humanity is eligible to receive this award.