SAVE THE DATE: CKI Week-Sept. 27-Oct. 2

District Administrators and Adult Leaders

The challenge. During the past two school years, a significant number of our Circle K clubs declared that they were inactive due to the pandemic. Others simply went inactive. Most schools will be back on a more normal schedule this fall, and we want to reach out to all those inactive Circle K clubs. Our efforts are titled: HOMECOMING 2021.   

The approach. Those Circle K clubs will be contacted in several ways:   

  • The Kiwanis club president-elect will be asked to ensure that their club is an active supporter of the Circle K club and provides an active Kiwanis advisor.   

  • The Kiwanis advisor, with the help of the Kiwanis club president-elect, will be asked to reach out to the school’s student affairs staff and the faculty advisor of the Circle K club.   

Once the school has approved the Circle K club’s operation for this school year, update the club’s roster and status at Member Update Center. If help is needed, call Kiwanis International— +1-317-875-8755 or 1-800-KIWANIS ext. 411 (U.S. and Canada) —to update the club roster.   

No reactivation fee is charged if the Circle K club has gone to inactive status in the last two years. To qualify for this fee forgiveness, the club needs to contact Kiwanis International no later than December 31, 2021.   


The request. Each district administrator is asked to devise a contact plan for their inactive clubs. The district administrators can find a link to the current list of inactive clubs and inactive-due-to-pandemic clubs in the District Administrator Google Drive. If you would like another copy of this list, please email . The student leaders will receive materials to help energize all clubs in each district.   


Resource locator. Resources are located at The information is camera-ready, and printed pieces are available and can be shared as needed in each district. Ideally, each district and division newsletter — as well as each district website — will carry information on Homecoming 2021.   


Additional resources for programs and promotion: 

Sample call script to club leaders 

Sample letter to school administrators 

Sample letter for recruiting faculty advisors 

For more information, contact