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Due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the Circle K International Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees, 
formally canceled CKIx earlier this year.  Per CKI Bylaws, when a convention cannot be held the CKI International Council convenes to consider amendments to bylaws and to elect new members to the board of trustees 

Please see these important deadlines for submitting amendments and becoming a candidate for international office: 

Noon ET, April 14, 2021: Deadline to file as a candidate for the CKI Board of Trustees. Any member wishing to run must complete this form to verify their eligibility and submit campaign literature and videos by this deadline. Interested members should review the candidate packet for more information on board responsibilities, time requirements and important dates.

Noon ET, April 21, 2021: Deadline for CKI districts or clubs to offer an amendment to the CKI International Bylaws. Use this link to submit an amendment.

April 23, 2021: CKI members will receive an email with campaign materials from CKI board candidates and a list of proposed amendments to the CKI bylaws. We encourage members to review these materials and share your views with your district governor.

Check back on this page beginning April 23 for a listing of candidates, including their materials, as well as proposed amendments to CKI’s Bylaws.

For questions and more information, please email .