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The last two school years have been challenging for all of us. This includes the high school students who also serve their schools and communities through Circle K. As schools and communities reopen — and many clubs adjust to a new way of meeting — we have an opportunity to welcome back the clubs and members we lost touch with over the past two years. 

As CKI members are getting back to school, it’s time to help many of them get back to service. That’s why we are launching the Homecoming campaign. 

The Homecoming campaign and its resource kit will help Kiwanis members like you help students get back to school and back to service this fall. In fact, the materials in the kit have been designed for each of the groups that are instrumental to the campaign: 

CKI clubs have been sponsored and supported by Kiwanis members since the program’s inception. Thank you for continuing that tradition at a very important time in the program’s history.   

If you need additional marketing resources, click here.