Some districts are holding their 2022 convention online and inviting members from other districts to attend. To attend another district event, click on the district link below. 

Please note: Some events are closed and only open to members from that district.  



Virtual/Hybrid Events

Indiana: February 25-27

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan: March 11-13 (Virtual)



In-Person Only Events

Capital: March 4-6

Carolinas: February 18-20

Florida: March 4-6

Georgia: February 26
(Members from other districts wanting to attend must get approval from District Administrator)

Kansas: March 4-5

Minnesota-Dakotas: February 25-27

Nebraska-Iowa: March 25-26

New England: February 25-28

New York: March 4-6

Ohio: March 19-20

Pacific Northwest: February 11-3

Rocky Mountain: February 25-27

Southwest: February 18-20

Texas-Oklahoma: March 4-6 (closed event)