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A Global Impact

Circle K International is a global organization, with clubs on campuses on five continents. Centered on service, leadership development and fellowship, CKI is helps empower our members to make an impact locally and globally. 

CKI  is a self-governing, student-led organization. Each year, CKI members elect their student officers for club, district and international boards. 

CKI clubs receive support from Kiwanis advisors, faculty advisors and district administrators. Additionally, the Circle K International staff trains and assists district governors and international board members. There are opportunities for leadership and service at every level of the organization. 


CKI is an international organization led by a board of trustees that set the direction for the organization. The board is comprised of committees and guides the completion of the CKI. strategic plan. MEET THE BOARD


There are 33 organized districts. Each district, typically defined by state or nation, is led by a governor, who is elected by delegates at the annual district convention. Clubs in a district often work together on service projects, workshops and fellowship activities.


Districts are divided into divisions. Each division has a lieutenant governor, a student leader who carries out the district’s policies and provides support to the clubs.


CKI clubs are established in colleges and universities. Elected officers can include president, one or more vice presidents, secretary, treasurer and editors. Committees also offer leadership opportunities.