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If you are looking for a way to make the world a better place, you’ve found it. Come share your passion for service with people who feel the same way. Discover your leadership potential. Make new friends. You’re in for a good time.


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BENEFITS of joining cki


Opportunities to make a positive impact on the world. CKI members love to serve.


Lasting friendships with people who love service too. Meet your soul mates.


Leadership skills and professional training you can use now and in the future.


Access to scholarships for future education costs. Who couldn’t use a little help?


Participation in district and international conventions and events.


Networking with pros in your field of study through your sponsoring Kiwanis club.

meet the family

When you join CKI you’re not just joining a service club, you’re joining a global family.


Kiwanis is the reason CKI exists. Kiwanis sponsors CKI and the other programs listed below.  It’s an organization for adults who want to serve children and improve their communities. Kiwanis has nearly 200,000 members in more than 80 countries. Kiwanis empowers individuals of every age and ability to become compassionate leaders and contributors through service to others.

Key club

Key Club is the high school version of CKI.  With more than 276,000 members in more than 5000 high schools, it’s the world’s largest and oldest service leadership organization for teens.These students could be the next generation of Circle K, so get to know them. You know they love service so invite them to participate in your projects, offer to help with theirs or speak at their club meetings.

builders club

Builders Club is an international student-led service organization for middle school/junior high students. It’s for young people who want to build a better world for themselves and others through service. CKI members can be a positive influence on these students and CKI clubs are encouraged to co-sponsor a Builders Club with their local Kiwanis club.


K-Kids is a student-led community service club for elementary school students. It teaches members that they have the ability to improve their world by helping others. They identify, plan and lead community service projects. CKI clubs are encouraged to co-sponsor a K-Kids club with a local Kiwanis club so you can extend your impact on your community.

Aktion club

Aktion Club is the only member-led service club for adults with disabilities. Members plan, lead and participate in community service projects. Members gain self confidence and a sense of belonging and communities gain a hard-working group of always eager volunteers.

where does your money go?

To defray operating costs, CKI charges each club an annual club fee. (Most districts and clubs also charge a per-member fee.) Here’s how your international-level fees are spent:

  • Leadership training (32%) 
    Governors and Administrators Training Conference and various training opportunities
  • Travel/visits (23%)
    Visits from Circle K International board members to districts; board members’ transportation to board meetings and conventions
  • Member services (16%)
    Pins, cards, handbooks
  • Marketing and promotion (16%)
    CKI magazine, marketing materials and public relations/promotional materials for clubs
  • Administrative (10%)
    Phone fees, office supplies, legal fees, in‐house printing
  • Conventions (3%)
    Awards, parliamentarian costs,  program events


In 2013, Circle K International implemented an international club fee for all clubs. This fee is based on the enrollment of the institution, the type of institution (two-year or four-year), and the per capita gross national income of the club's nation. International Club Fees can be paid between October 1-November 30 each year.



As of October 1, 2013 each Circle K club shall submit to Circle K International, or its designated fiscal agent, an annual club fee, and membership information for every member, but not including honorary members. All clubs are encouraged to send all fees via traceable means, i.e. certified mail. Clubs must submit payment by check, money order or credit card; cash will not be accepted. A club roster or fees invoice must be submitted at time of payment. Clubs that fail to follow the guidelines for club fee payments will be placed into a special handling group that will delay the processing of fees.

  • Each CKI club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of US$10,000 or more and from a four-year institution with an enrollment of 5,000 or more students shall pay an annual club fee of US$600.
  • Each CKI club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of US $10,000 or more and from a four-year institution with an enrollment of less than 5,000 students, shall pay an annual club fee of US$450.
  • Each CKI club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of US$10,000 or more and from a two-year institution shall pay an annual fee of US$300.
  • Each CKI club in a nation with a per capita gross national income of less than US$10,000 shall pay an annual club fee of US$150.

Membership cards, pins, handbooks and certificates will be provided only for new CKI members. These will be mailed to the club address upon receipt of new member names.


Circle K clubs, in good standing, can use the Membership Update Center to add new members and update records after officer elections. The Circle K club’s Kiwanis or faculty advisor should update the club officers at the Membership Update Center. Then, the club secretary or treasurer can follow the easy, three-step process to update membership information and register your club.

  • Round up information from each new member, including email addresses and expected year of graduation.
  • Log in and update membership records. You are only adding new members during this time. Do not graduate or remove any member on your club’s roster. Graduation and deletions will be completed in September.
  • Submit payment or print invoice and pay by check. Clubs in good standing have paid their international club fee and district dues for 2018-19. Your club will only be invoiced for district dues of new members added to your roster.

Circle K clubs on suspended status wanting to pay 2018-19 dues can use the Membership Update Center but dues for the outstanding year (2017-18) must be paid. Note suspended clubs will be made inactive on 10/01/2018. Follow these steps to pay international club fees and update your club roster:

  • Select 2017-18 in the pull down menu on the right side of the screen (above officers list) in the Membership Update Center.
  • Update roster for 2018-19. You are only adding new members during this time, do not graduate or remove any member on your club's roster. Graduation and deletions will be completed in September.
  • Submit payment online or print invoice and pay by check. The amount due includes your club’s international club fee ($600 for institutions with enrollments over 5,000 students, $450 for institutions with enrollments under 5,000 students, or $300 for two-year host institutions)  plus a per member district due determined by the district. 
  • If paying invoice by check: Send to
    Circle K International
    PO Box 6069 Dept 122
    Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069
    Identify club- Include club name and ID number on the check.
  • Once outstanding club fees and dues have been paid for 2017-18, repeat steps in section 1 above (Circle K Clubs in good standing) to update for 2018-19.


The connection to Kiwanis International is a key part of each Circle K club's ongoing support and success. Maintaining that connection is important. In Asia-Pacific Europe, Africa, and Latin America, we're strengthening that connection with a new requirement: each club must update the club’s membership rosters and submit an annual renewal fee each year (US$50 for Tier A, US$25 for Tiers B or C) to remain an active club. With the Kiwanis online reporting system, this process is very simple. Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Round up information. For each member, get full name, email address and expected year of graduation.
  2. Log in. The Kiwanis or faculty advisor can log into and enter the Membership Update Center.
  3. Update membership. In the Members section, enter each member’s name, email address and expected year of graduation. When finished, select “Roster complete.”
  4. Identify club officers. In the Dashboard, indicate which members are serving in each of the officer positions.
  5. Submit payment. In the Finances section, check the renewal fee box and then select, pay online by credit card.

A program kit, which includes advisor guides and Circle K membership pins, cards, and certificates for 25 members can be purchased for an additional fee of US$100. (Note: These materials are only available in English at this time.)

Each Circle K club is supported by one advisor from each the Kiwanis club and the university. To update the Kiwanis or faculty advisor, please contact Member Services before accessing the Kiwanis online reporting system.
If you have any questions, contact our team at

District Dues

Circle K clubs also pay district dues each year for each club member. This fee is set by the House of Delegates at District Convention. The district dues are submitted along with international club fee (with the exception of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean) and can be paid any time between October 1 and November 30.

Alabama US$8
California-Nevada-Hawaii US$10
Capital US$10
Caribbean* US$10
Carolinas US$9
Eastern Canada* CAD$20
Florida US$10
Georgia US$12
Illinois-Eastern Iowa US$12
Indiana US$10
Kansas US$9
Kentucky-Tennessee US$10
Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee US$12
Michigan US$10
Minnesota-Dakotas US$8

Missouri-Arkansas US$10
Montana US$7
Nebraska-Iowa US$10
New England US$6
New Jersey US$10
New York US$8
Ohio US$12
Pacific Northwest US$10
Pennsylvania US$10
Rocky Mountain US$10
Southwest US$8
Texas-Oklahoma US$12
Utah-Idaho US$10
West Virginia US$10
Western Canada CAD$10
Wisconsin-Upper Michigan US$10
*These districts invoice clubs directly


Most CKI clubs are sponsored by a Kiwanis club in cooperation with a college or university. Each new CKI club requires a one-time chartering fee. Each new CKI club receives membership pins, cards and certificates and other tools to support the club. Depending on which chartering option is selected, the club also can receive a gavel/gavel block and personalized club banner. The chartering fee can be taken out of the Kiwanis club’s service budget.

Charter banner**
Member handbook and  cards
Pins (officers & member)
Club resources***


* Clubs may purchase the traditional gong from the Kiwanis Store for an additional fee.

** Clubs may upgrade to a felt banner for an additional US$50

*** Club resources include: Officer and member pins, member certificates, member handbooks, officer and advisor Guides.

Chartering fees must be paid at the time of chartering. For clubs outside of North America and the Caribbean, there is a “tiered” structure for new club fees. Contact Member Services for more information.

New clubs will pay district dues and international club fees in the second year. All clubs chartered before April 1 will be invoiced for dues the following September/October. All clubs chartered after April 1 will not be invoiced until the following year.

For more chartering information and resources, visit


Use #ChooseCKI to add your club’s pics to the mix


Use #ChooseCKI to add your club’s pics to the mix