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Your gift to the Tomorrow Fund will 
help the clubs of Circle K International — the Kiwanis family’s service program for university students  perform high-impact service projects that change campuses and communitiesCKI members use grants from the Tomorrow Fund to hold kid-friendly events, show compassion for those who are homeless or foodinsecure, improve the environment and so much more.   

Your investment helps future CKI members make the world a better place  whether you’re making a giftrecognizing an outstanding member of CKI as a member of the Carthage-Pullman Society or honoring a member with a Sapphire Circle Honorary Award. 


The Tomorrow Fund is an endowed Circle K International fund held within the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. CKI clubs and districts can apply for grants of US$200 to $2,000 from the Tomorrow Fund to help fund service projects that improve their campuses and communities 

Tomorrow Fund grants can help you take actionHow? Identify service projects your club would like to tackle on your campus or in your community. Then apply for grant funds to support those projects. 


You can make a gift directly to the Tomorrow Fund or honor a CKI member with a membership in the CarthagePullman Society or with a Sapphire Circle Honorary Award. 


The society was created to honor Carthage College, the Wisconsin campus where Circle K International began, and the Kiwanis Club of Pullman, Washington, which helped build the concept of a campus service club.   

A CKI member can become a member by making a gift of US$250 or by being honored by a family member, advisor or CKI club or member. New Carthage-Pullman Society members receive a wearable medallion, a lapel pin and a recognition plaque. Members who make an additional $250 gift attain diamond-level status. Diamond recipients receive a special lapel pin. 


The Sapphire Circle Honorary Award is bestowed upon an individual or organization to recognize their dedication and support of Circle K International’s objectives of service and leadership. A gift of US$1,000 or more recognizes a deserving individual or organization that has exemplified these objectives toward CKI, community or humankind as a Sapphire Circle Honorary MemberIndividuals cannot honor themselves.   

The Sapphire Circle Honorary Award is the highest level of recognition offered by the Tomorrow Fund. The sapphire’s blue color denotes unwavering character and recipients are presented an award specifically designed to recognize their support of CKI.   

How to apply for a Tomorrow Fund grant 

Grants by the Circle K International Board from the Tomorrow Fund must conform to the policies of Circle K International. Tomorrow Fund grants are granted to CKI clubs and/or districts in good standing. 

Clubs may request funding assistance from US$200 to US$2,000. The grant committee typically awards funding for a portion of the total cost of the projectPriority is given to clubs that are working with other organizations to raise money and conduct the project. 

Tomorrow Fund applications must be submitted online and received by Circle K International by December 1 of the current calendar year. All applications must be submitted online. Paper applications will not be accepted. 

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