CKI changing dues structure in 2022-23

In an effort to secure the long-term health and sustainability of Circle K International, the International Council approved in June 2021 that the organization would move to a per-member dues structure beginning in the 2022-23 service year. Instead of paying a flat, club-based fee, international dues will be collected based on the number of members in each club.

This new fee structure matches what is used in other Kiwanis family programs, including Key Club and Kiwanis International. In many cases, clubs will pay less than they did under the per-club flat fee structure.

We encourage clubs to prepare for this change. The per-member fees are based on Kiwanis International’s tiered system:

  • Clubs in countries with a per capita income of US$10,000 or more (Tier A) will pay US$24 per member.
  • Clubs in countries with per capita income between US$5,000 to US$9,999 (Tier B) will pay US$10 per member.
  • Clubs in countries with per capita income of US$4,999 or less (Tier C) will pay US$5 per member.

We also urge club leadership to reach out to your sponsoring Kiwanis club and host college or university for support in paying members’ international and district dues.

This new structure will provide the organization with more financial independence and lessen our reliance on Kiwanis International, which currently subsidizes more than half of CKI’s operations.

Plus, clubs and members who pay dues and are in good standing are eligible to receive many benefits, such as scholarships, twice-yearly Tomorrow Fund service grants, access to the Global Leadership Certificate and district and international awards and can also save money through Kiwanis family partners.

We will continue to communicate this important change with CKI clubs, districts, advisors and sponsoring Kiwanis clubs. You can contact us at .