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Global Leadership Certificate Honor Roll

Congratulations to these CKI members who were among the first to complete all three courses in the Global Leadership Certificate pilot program.

California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Jonathan N
Steve L

Caribbean District

Britney T
Sekou F
Tamika R
Christopher F
Rhonda E
Jaquon A
Trudy-Ann S

Carolinas District

Kaitlin C

Eastern Canada District

Aayush G
Deanna F

Georgia District

Kinsey N

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

Julia S
Allison H
Alyx M
Victor R
Maddie S
Kelli B

Indiana District

Kavin T

Louisiana Mississippi West Tennessee District

Selena Y
Sekou F
Tamika R
Christopher F
Rhonda E

New England District

Elizabeth S
Juliet P
Lumeng Y

New Jersey District

Heather M
Kristina R

New York District

Haleigh G

Ohio District

Austin A
Vivian C
Colton M
Margaret L

Pennsylvania District

Gram H

Texas-Oklahoma District

Margaret M

Western Canada District

Nikhil S

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Alyssa F
Brooke S
Liana O


* This list is updated as of May 21.