Isabelle Lindenmeyer 


Illinois-Eastern Iowa 

Year in School / Grade 



Illinois State University 


Social Work 

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself 

I am from Dixon, Illinois, a very small town two hours west of Chicago. I am very family oriented and spend as much time as I can with my two little brothers and my mom. I love romantic comedies and binge watching tv shows. I will also spam your phone with dad jokes any chance I get.  

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

I am looking forward to bonding with people across the world and also sharing ideas through districts for service projects. 

Favorite CKI memory 

Holiday Embrace is an annual event held in the I-I district, and this year there was a mystery dinner aspect. People from different levels of the K-fam, and the families that would be directly impacted by the money we were raising came to celebrate. There was lots of dancing and celebration in support of the Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation, and I can’t wait for the next Holiday Embrace