Izah Tahir 



Year in School / Grade 

3rd Year 


Georgia Institute of Technology 





In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself. 

I’m a third-year Mathematics Major at Georgia Tech, and I plan on becoming a high school teacher. In my free time, I really like to draw and read, and I’ve recently started learning how to figure skate. If I could have any job, I would be a cake decorator. A fun fact about me is that I used to shoot on a varsity rifle team!  

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

As governor, I am most looking forward to working with all the presidents and seeing how the clubs in my district use their varying personalities to make a difference in all their communities! 

Favorite CKI memory 

My favorite CKI memory is singing at the top of our lungs and having serious conversations (there’s no in-between) on the long drives to inter-clubs and district events.  

Favorite service project 

My favorite service project is working at a local food pantry since we drive around and hand warm meals to the homeless people on the streets of Atlanta. I like seeing first-hand the impact that we make.