Kyle Stowers



Year in School / Grade 



Purdue University Northwest


Business Management

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself: 

I am a senior at Purdue University Northwest, studying business management with a minor in human resources. This is my third year in CKI and seventh year in the Kiwanis family. Outside of CKI, I am involved with the Office of New Student Orientation at my school and involved with the Porter County Fair Board throughout the year and summers. In my free time, you can find me going down random YouTube rabbit trails and attending many high school and college games. 

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

I am looking forward to getting closer to all the Indiana clubs and other districts as I expand my leadership skills.   

Favorite CKI memory: 

My favorite CKI memory is one night at DCON (district convention) a few years ago. We were all sitting around tables in the lobby and in our rooms playing games. We were laughing and bonding and creating forever friendships. 

Favorite service project: 

My favorite service project is serving with my club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club, the Kiwanis Club of Valparaiso, at its annual pancake day.