My name is Hannah Spargur, and I’m an international trustee this year serving the Capital, Nebraska-Iowa, New England and Wisconsin-Upper Michigan districts. My passion is helping people of all ages live their lives to the fullest. I believe one of the main ways I can do this is by providing others with good health.

I’ve always loved volunteering and helping others; however, my passion for volunteering, advocating and fundraising for health sparked during my junior year of high school when I was in Key Club. My district administrator, Kathy Gillis, was living with stage 4 breast cancer. She was and still is my biggest role model. She never let peers or differing opinions stray her from her morals, but she was respectful and kind to others and cared deeply about each person she met. Kathy worked a full-time job while receiving chemo and serving as district administrator. She was incredibly passionate and strong-willed.

Shortly after I graduated, Kathy passed away. Even when Kathy’s health was suffering, she continued to serve others before herself. No one realized how sick she was until her last days. Kathy impacted hundreds of lives and mentored many servant leaders. She made every day count despite her illness.

I want to go into health care because I know that there are so many people like Kathy who devote each day of their lives to serving others. Good health makes it so much easier to live your life fully committed to your passions. Because of this, I want to help keep others healthy in any way I can — whether it be working in medical devices, participating in a Relay for Life or running a 6K challenge for WASH — so they can continue impacting their communities.