With 2023 quickly coming to an end, we want to look back and celebrate the top CKI moments. Here are five of our favorites! 

Brick x Brick. Through events like Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, we’ve raised over US$63,000 for Brick x Brick this year. That’s enough for more than 315,000 bars of soap or 13,000 plastic bricks, changing families’ lives in the African nation of Côte d’Ivoire. Learn more and see how to donate here. 

2023 CKI Convention. Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., was abuzz with CKI members who gathered to celebrate fellowship, leadership and service. Of course, it wasn’t all business. Members from around the world exchanged ideas and formed lasting friendships. 

CKI Week. Hey, CKI Week was awesome, right? We appreciate each and every one of you! Thanks for being part of this amazing community and making a positive impact. Live to serve, love to serve. That’s what CKI is all about! 

Freshman Ambassador Program launch. This year, we launched the Freshman Ambassador Program, giving freshmen a chance to step into a leadership role and develop promotional/marketing skills. A freshman ambassador oversees the promotion of CKI to freshmen on their campus. A club can have one or multiple ambassadors.   

4,000 followers on Instagram. In 2023, we hit 4,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you all for your support and love for CKI. To celebrate, we had a giveaway and asked you to comment on “Why Choose CKI?” Matthew Yuro won a US$25 gift card for CKI merch.