The semester is coming to an end, and CKI clubs are pausing for a break, but your passion for service doesn’t have to stop too. You can stay active within your community and continue to serve all year. Here are some ideas: 

  • Nursing homes: Find out if a nursing home near you has visiting hours that allow you to play games, dance and chat with residents. Simply visiting and spending time with the residents can make a world of difference to them. Rules may have changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so make sure you call first! 
  • Animal shelters: Contact a shelter in your community to see if it needs volunteers to walk or bathe the animals. Most shelters can use the extra hands.
  • Park cleanup: Get a group of friends together for a Saturday morning to help spruce up a park. It’s a great way to get off the couch, and it keeps your community looking beautiful.
  • Food pantries: Many food pantries need volunteers to stock shelves and pass out food during service hours. Churches and community centers often have food pantries.
  • Kiwanis clubs: Most clubs meet weekly or every other week. It’s a perfect opportunity to network with service-minded individuals, connect with Kiwanis family members and talk about your CKI experience. Find a Kiwanis club near you and offer to speak at an upcoming meeting or volunteer at the next service project. 

Want more service ideas? Check out our service initiatives for a comprehensive list of ways to make a difference. The Global Leadership Certificate program — based on CKI’s core values of fellowship, leadership and service — is another great way to broaden your leadership skills. By completing the courses, you’ll return to campus as a stronger, more effective leader. 

Semester break is also a good time to recruit new CKI members. When seeing friends at home, be sure to share your CKI experiences. Even if they don’t attend your university, they might have a CKI club on their campus — or be inspired to start one. If they aren’t enrolled in college, tell them about Kiwanis 

Don’t forget to share your service adventures on social media so your fellow club members see you staying active. Remember to use #ChooseCKI for a chance to be featured on CKI’s social media channels. You can also post projects and get ideas from members around the world on our CKI Facebook group. 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of CKI and extending your commitment to serving your campus and community all year.