Circle K International clubs serve their communities with help from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.
By Erin Chandler

Circle K International clubs are making a difference in university and college communities around the world. CKI members are the next generation of servant leaders — and they’re not afraid to form ambitious partnerships and find creative solutions to problems. The Kiwanis Children’s Fund established the Tomorrow Fund to help CKI service projects reach their full potential.

This year, the Children’s Fund awarded Tomorrow Fund grants to 10 outstanding projects that connect CKI members to their schools’ and districts’ larger communities.

Circle K International at ASU Fellowship Night
Circle K International of Arizona State University, U.S.

At Arizona State University CKI’s Fellowship Night, CKI members and local Key Club members come together to assemble 40 kits of essential items — including toiletries, first aid supplies and duffle bags — for people experiencing homelessness in their community. This project serves dual purposes: helping the growing population of unhoused people in Tempe, Arizona, and giving Key Club members the opportunity to learn about and experience the fellowship of CKI. A Tomorrow Fund grant will help pay for the kits, which will be distributed by AZ Hugs.

Essentials for Empathy: Homeless Support Packs
Circle K International of City College of New York, U.S.

City College of New York CKI members are also using a Tomorrow Fund grant to serve people experiencing homelessness. By distributing “support packs” containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, menstrual hygiene products, first aid essentials and nutritious snacks, the club hopes to provide assistance and relief to approximately 100-150 people. Club members also hope to increase awareness of and empathy about the issue of homelessness in their community.

Luggage of Love and Literacy
Circle K International of Florida International University, U.S.

Florida International University CKI is working with the nonprofit Luggage of Love and Literacy to fill backpacks and duffle bags with supplies to help local unhoused and at-risk high school students transition into their college dorms. A Tomorrow Fund grant will help the club purchase bedding, small fans, hair dryers, dishes, shoe racks, folders, headsets, books and fun socks. Members hope these supplies will set students on the path to a successful college experience.

Nourishing Neighborhoods: Little Free Pantries
Circle K International of New Jersey Institute of Technology, U.S.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology CKI will use its Tomorrow Fund grant to build, stock and spread the word about Little Free Pantries across every division of the New Jersey District. Members plan to build the pantries out of quality, durable materials and fill them with nonperishable food items, toiletries, menstrual hygiene products, stationery and toys for those in need. The club hopes the pantries will enable communities to support their most vulnerable members in a way that ensures accessibility, dignity and privacy.

CKI Read: A Step Towards the Future
Circle K International of St. Peter’s College Ormoc, Philippines

St. Peter’s College Ormoc CKI is increasing literacy in its community by tutoring elementary school students. A Tomorrow Fund grant will help members expand their program and purchase school supplies, reading resources and snacks. Club members say they aim to boost kids’ reading comprehension, increase their vocabulary and foster “a genuine love for reading” through engaging reading material and activities.

Toiletries and Cleaning Supplies Donation to a Primary School
Circle K International of University of Technology, Jamaica

A Tomorrow Fund grant will help CKI members at the University of Technology, Jamaica, purchase essential cleaning and sanitary supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer, napkins, tissues, mops and brooms, reusable gloves, garbage bags, bleach and more for a school in Montego Bay. A lack of resources in area schools has led to unsanitary conditions. Club members hope to curb the spread of illness by creating a cleaner environment for students.

Maine Day Meal Packout
Circle K International of the University of Maine, U.S.

University of Maine CKI works with the University of Maine Honors College for the annual Maine Day Meal Packout. Hundreds of volunteers join CKI and Honors College members each year to pack at least 45,000 meals for food insecure communities. A Tomorrow Fund grant will help the program purchase even more meals for those who need them most.

Art Classes for Children
Circle K International of the University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.

Members of University of Texas at Dallas CKI will host art classes for 50 kids at their local Boys and Girls Club over three months. A Tomorrow Fund grant will purchase supplies to make yarn flowers, bracelets, slime, origami, personalized wooden cutouts and decorated journals. Club members hope to mentor their students while they help them learn to cope with stress and express themselves through art.

Georgia District Convention Service Project
Circle K International Georgia District, U.S.

CKI members attending the Georgia district convention will have the opportunity to help relieve the stress and improve the mental health of patients at Atlanta Children’s Hospital. A Tomorrow Fund grant will go toward the purchase of fun snacks and supplies to make stress balls, sensory items, “positive pencils” and more. Conference attendees will rotate through stations to make items that will be assembled into care packages for hospitalized kids.

Ohio District Spring Officer Training Service Project with Bottoms Up Diaper Bank
Circle K International Ohio District, U.S.

As part of its spring officer training, the Ohio District of CKI plans to assemble 150 diaper kits for Bottoms Up Diaper Bank in Lancaster, Ohio. A Tomorrow Fund grant will go toward the purchase of wipes, diaper rash cream and multiple sizes of diapers for babies and toddlers; CKI officers will then assemble kits for distribution to families in need. Organizers hope officers will be inspired to continue to support Bottoms Up Diaper Bank and other local organizations with their clubs.

How to get involved 

Does your Circle K International group have a project idea that could benefit from a Tomorrow Fund grant? Learn more about the grant and how to apply on the CKI website. If your Kiwanis club does not yet sponsor a CKI club, learn about the advantages of chartering one today on the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs page.