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The Brick Games



In 2024, we’re pleased to bring back the Brick Games — the brick-decorating contest in which each of our CKI Board of Trustees creates a special brick representing their home district. Below you’ll find each brick’s description and the district’s strengths. 

Trustees will compete to secure donations. The contest will feature a variety of awards, but the trustee with the most donations will receive the ultimate prize: status as the winner of the 2024 Brick Games.  

Starting March 18, you can vote for your favorite brick by donating to Brick x Brick — CKI’s project in support of UNICEF USA. Our goal for the event is to raise US$1,500. We need you to help us get there! 

 All competition proceeds will go to Brick x Brick, which helps women create recycling networks to collect plastic waste. That material will then be manufactured into bricks to build classrooms in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, for the 1.6 million kids — mostly girls — who cannot currently attend school. 

The project will also help train teachers, provide school supplies and build latrines and handwashing stations at schools. 

Voting will close March 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The winner will be announced April 1 via CKI’s social media channels. 

Now we’d like to introduce you to the trustees: 

Trustee: Taylor DiCicco

District name: Alabama District

Description of district: From the rolling hills of Red Mountain to the blue waters of Gulf Shores, the Alabama District is like no other. The Alabama District is known for its roles in the agriculture and iron industries and in the Civil Rights Movement, its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches and Southern hospitality.

District strengths: The Alabama District is incredibly rich in history. It brings people from around the world to the annual Hangout Music Festival, is home to great novelists and is known for its great outdoors. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team has brought home 18 national championships. And each year, members of the CKI Alabama District choreograph a dance to a selected song at the district’s Alabama Leadership Academy fall conference.

Why should people invest in your district: “This brick represents more than just what Alabama has to offer — it represents the Kiwanis family’s ability to fundraise and serve to make the world a better place. Specifically, the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham has campaigned for millions of dollars to promote the city’s historic Vulcan statue and what it means for the Alabama District. Just as the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham has given back to the district, let’s give back to the world by donating to this brick today!”

Trustee: Priyanshu Saxena

District name: Carolinas District

Description of district: Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, the Carolinas District boasts a highly diverse landscape. Encompassing both North and South Carolina, this expansive territory is filled with everything from serene beaches to majestic mountains, tranquil swamps, lush marshes and sprawling forests. This distinctive setting, coupled with the wealth of knowledge and resources from the Triangle Region and beyond, make the Carolinas District a true force to be reckoned with.

District strengths: As home to part of the illustrious Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the U.S., the district attracts visitors from far and wide, further enhancing its appeal and influence. Moreover, its status as the location of the Haile Gold Mine, the largest gold mine on the East Coast, not only adds to its economic significance but also underscores its historical importance. Additionally, the district’s commendable success with Brick x Brick fundraisers (raising over US$40,000) is a testament to its dedication to philanthropy and community engagement. These strengths collectively reflect the district’s vibrant and dynamic character, positioning it as a leader within the CKI community.

Why should people invest in your district: “The CKI Carolinas District has proven its commitment to raising money for UNICEF USA’s Brick x Brick project time and time again, and this time will be no different! The district is filled with clubs dedicated to improving their home communities and communities across the world. An investment in the Carolinas District is an investment into the district’s core mission of impactfully serving the children of the world.”

Trustee: Dave Patel

District name: New England District

Description of district: The six states that comprise the New England District (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island) represent a vast expanse of history, nature and culture. With cities and buildings from the start of American history to numerous mountains and forests, one can find many places to explore in the district while enjoying New England charm.

District strengths: The New England District’s many states allow for a large diversity of service projects and involvements. The various communities and cities also provide a hub of industry, art, technology and education. From eating lobster to skiing and hiking to breathtaking sights of trees in the fall, New England is a land many can enjoy!

Why should people invest in your district: “Supporting the New England District supports the diverse communities and projects that our members take part in. We are a mighty district with clubs that are passionate about addressing food insecurity, childhood development and access to education, shelter and clothing. Investing in New England helps foster these involvements and supports our mascot Ned the Lobster’s endeavors!”

Trustee: Zak Kahn

District name: New England District

Description of district: From the brick wall defense of the NFL’s New England Patriots to the MLB’s Boston Red Sox’s longstanding Green Monster in Fenway Park, New England has cemented its place in history with its sports teams, each victory adding another brick to the wall of their success. The Boston Celtics have consistently been the master masons of the NBA, creating a decades’ long dynasty brick by brick. Even the NHL’s Boston Bruins have hammered their opponents like a chisel against a brick.

District strengths: Bill “Bricklichick” Belichick comes from the greatest professional sports city in the world, right in the heart of New England: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. New England lays its foundations on a strong legacy of success akin to a well-crafted wall of bricks, each one symbolizing the unshakable pride of its sports fandom. Follow the famous brick Freedom Trail in Boston to explore the unmatched history and success behind this district.

Why should people invest in your district: “Bill Belichick, a lifelong New England sports fan, is now a seasoned bricklayer in the NFL. He constructs winning game plans brick by brick, laying the groundwork for victories. Belichick’s success is cemented by his unmatched knowledge of the game and his ability to mold teams into championship contenders. His resilience and adaptability are the mortar that holds his coaching philosophy together. His stoic demeanor on the sidelines is like that of a brick wall, unyielding and impervious to distractions. Investing in New England is investing in historically proven success.”

Trustee: Katie Lynch

District name: New Jersey

Description of district: From the iconic shorelines of the Atlantic to bustling urban landscapes, the New Jersey District is a place where innovation meets tradition. With its rich history, multicultural communities and a culinary scene that boasts more than just outstanding bagels, New Jersey is a dynamic blend of suburban charm and metropolitan energy. Whether you’re strolling through historic Princeton or catching a wave at the Jersey Shore, New Jersey encapsulates a spirit of resilience and an undeniable zest for life.

District strengths: The New Jersey District has the best bagels in the world, beautiful beaches, a rich cultural scene, serene state parks and hiking trails, a hub for biotechnology innovation and renowned universities and educational institutions.

Why should people invest in your district: “New Jersey has a passion for bringing smiles to faces — including bagel stores with their warm, doughy delights that are practically happiness in a bag and CKI with its infectious enthusiasm for spreading kindness. Just as the bagel store kneads and crafts delicious treats, CKI members come together in a spirit of collaboration to create a world of positive change. Whether it’s the bagel store’s commitment to serving up joy with a schmear or CKI’s dedication to community service, you should invest in New Jersey because it leaves everyone it touches with a taste of happiness and a sense of togetherness.”

Trustee: Amiya Williams

District name: Montana

Description of district: From nature’s beauty in Glacier National Park to the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park, the Montana district is like no other. Cowboys, rodeos, farming, agriculture, snow, mountains, lakes, rivers and the famous Big Sky community are all part of life for Montanans.

District strengths: Montana is a community-driven state that has become one of the biggest destination locations for people across the country. With the popularity of shows based in Montana, like TV’s “Yellowstone,” visitors are intrigued with the state’s wildlife, natural beauty and the most down-to-earth people.

Why should people invest in your district: “Have you ever met a hardworking and humble cowboy? Montana is filled with them! A donation for the CKI cowboy brick is a donation for cowboy culture. Support a great cause and the most handsome cowboy around!”

Trustee: Nancy Mi

District name: Illinois-Eastern Iowa

Description of district: Greetings from the historic district of Illinois-Eastern Iowa, where our spirit of service has existed since 1947, when the first CKI club was founded at Carthage College. Like Route 66, we have a lot of history and will continue that spirit for years to come.

District strengths: Our district has members from clubs in all areas, giving us a wide perspective and a presence in many different colleges and universities. Not to mention, we have both a booming agricultural business and a city center that is the heart of many organizations.

Why should people invest in your district: “We are the best district to support, as CKI is strongly rooted in our history and our clubs. Investing in our district also means supporting a district that works toward a variety of different service projects, including our district project, the Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation.”

Trustee: Hannah Riley

District name: Ohio District

Description of district: From a small state known for corn, football and Skyline Chili comes a district with a strong passion for a lot more. Representing the Buckeye State, the CKI Ohio District embodies the spirit of Brutus the Buckeye, a mascot known by many for having a strong passion. Our passion is for service, leadership and fellowship — and maybe football!

District strengths: Since starting in 1958, we have been constantly continuing to do more. We might be a district in a small state, but we are mighty in our numbers! From having one of the biggest fan bases in college football to having the largest membership in our district since before COVID-19, we are always striving to do more.

Why should people invest in your district: “You should invest in our district not only because of our passion for CKI and giving back to our community but also for our commitment to Ohio State football. We will be around and support both no matter what.”

Trustee: Trudy-Ann Stirling

District name: Caribbean District

Description of district: Boasting seven islands separated by the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Caribbean District is unique and diverse. It truly is like no other, with varying cultures and similar yet differing histories. Yet we come together with one common goal: to serve our home, schools and communities.

District strengths: The Caribbean District is a breathtaking tropical paradise, known for its natural beauty, cultural richness and unwavering service. Our warm hospitality and vibrant colors only increase the attraction. The district is also home to the only drive-through volcano in the world!

Why should people invest in your district: “Each tribute tells a different story. The Caribbean District’s story is one of strength, diversity and innovation that leads to lasting impact. Investing in the Caribbean District is investing in our story — and a better society.”

Trustee: Deanna Fisher

District name: Eastern Canada

Description of district: Welcome to the Eastern Canada District, a sprawling region renowned for its vast landscapes, beloved hockey traditions and abundant freshwater resources — all adorned with a blanket of snow. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of this diverse district, where a deep appreciation for French poutine is embraced as a culinary delight.

District strengths: As the proud host of the second-ever chartered Circle K International club, the Eastern Canada District boasts a legacy of achievement. Eastern Canada, known for its world-class universities and research institutions, stands as a pinnacle of top-notch education and serves as a global leader in technology, while also giving back with some of the world’s largest nonprofits.

Why should people invest in your district: “Investing in the Eastern Canada District aligns with the district’s emphasis on community and collaboration, creates a supportive network for members and provides a platform for impactful initiatives and projects. It also allows for participation in programs that make a meaningful difference in local communities and beyond — plus more poutine!”