The past two years have been challenging for all of us. As schools and communities reopen — and many clubs adjust to a new way of meeting — we have an opportunity to welcome back the clubs that had to pause their activities during the past two years.

That’s why we created the Homecoming campaign. It’s an initiative designed to reengage and reenergize clubs that had paused during the past two years — and get them back to service. During “Homecoming Week” we published new resources and offered webinars to explain the homecoming process and to help CKI members and adult volunteers return in full force. You can check out the webinar recordings below.

Resources to help your SLP 

Learn more about why we launched the Homecoming campaign — and about the helpful resources available online to help you reactivate or reengage your SLP clubs. We also introduce exciting new programming resources, such as monthly meeting kits, the Global Leadership Certificate program, Virtual Key Leader and advisor training.

Watch webinar recording.

Sponsoring a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program: Who, how and why.

Hear from the Kiwanis Youth Programs board on the responsibilities specific to sponsoring SLP clubs. In addition, Kiwanis leaders in the field share reasons that students and participants love SLP programs — and how these programs benefit communities. Kiwanis Youth Program board members Paul Palazzolo, George Cadman, Donna Parton, Alexis Langerak and Karin Church offer their perspective on sponsoring SLPs, and Sue Petrisin, Les King, Kip Crain and Craig Crawford discuss the role of SLP in schools.

Watch webinar recording.

Recruitment Resources for Circle K Clubs

Check out these recruitment resources!