The service that CKI members provide to our communities each day does not exist in a vacuum. As integral actors in our respective communities, it is vital that all CKI members exercise our global citizenship, rooted in empathy and social consciousness, to improve all human relationships and to realize humanity’s potential.

In the context of the killing of George Floyd and all those before him, this most readily means that CKI unequivocally condemns racism and its manifestations in both individual as well as systemic capacities. Black Lives Matter. CKI members since the organization’s inception have been called to:

“Cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism, which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.“    -CKI Bylaws Article 2 Section 1

CKI members must never forget the mandate we possess to actively advance these aims through our platform. We are, after all, a global collegiate movement and the leaders of tomorrow. Members are asked to always support and empower traditionally marginalized segments of the global populace through solidary projects informed by the needs of these communities— in this context, that means black communities. There is no greater service than that which sustainably addresses the roots of injustice and contributes to systemic change.

Service and leadership are the heart of CKI. Today, and every day, we encourage CKI members to take action. Educate yourself. Attend community events. Host clean-ups. Fundraise for a cause. Spread awareness. And, as always, listen.

In solidarity,

2019-2020 Circle K International Board