We’re excited to welcome the 2023-24 Circle K International Board of Trustees. 


Zachary Kahn of Hooksett, New Hampshire, U.S., will serve as the 2023-24 president for Circle K International. 

“I ran for Circle K International president to ensure that proper support is provided for all clubs and members to get the most out of CKI,” says Kahn. 

Kahn attends Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., with a major in health science and a minor in French. As president, he plans to focus on receiving input from general members and making needed changes to ensure a strong and inclusive future for the organization.

His plans to grow CKI membership at the international level include prioritizing open communication with clubs by listening to their concerns and feedback and providing support and resources that align with their needs. 

“I will also focus on increasing the visibility of CKI through engagement on social media and increasing interactions with the Kiwanis family,” says Kahn.  

Kahn is building on previous experience as a CKI member and leader. He served as the 2022 present international trustee of the CKI International Board; 2022 member of the CKI International Kiwanis Family Relations Committee; 2020-21 member of the CKI International Membership Experience Committee; 2021-22 governor of the New England District; 2020-21 secretary-treasurer of the New England District; and 2019 present general member of the Northeastern CKI club. 

Kate Lynch of Wall, New Jersey, U.S., will serve as the 2023-24 vice president for Circle K International.

Lynch attends Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S., as a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. In her CKI journey, she served as 2022-23 New Jersey District governor; 2022-23 International Alumni & Kiwanis Relations Committee member; 2021-22 New Jersey District editor; 2021-22 New Jersey District Kiwanis Family & Alumni Relations Committee member; 2021-22 New Jersey District Membership Development & Education Committee member; and 2020-21 New Jersey District Service Committee member. 

“Service is the backbone of everything that we do, but we can expand by focusing on the professional and leadership development aspects of CKI membership,” says Lynch. “I believe that fostering a connection between international committees and clubs is vital in terms of CKI membership growth at the international level, as it provides a deeper connection. Ultimately, members will join and stay if they feel valued and feel like they belong — this is what we need to focus on as an organization.” 

Circle K International welcomes all the new trustees: 

Taylor   DiCicco  Alabama District 
Deanna   Fisher  Eastern Canada District 
Nancy  Mi  Illinois-Eastern Iowa District 
Dave  Patel  New England District 
Hannah  Riley  Ohio District 
Priyanshu  Saxena  Carolinas District 
Trudy-Ann  Stirling  Caribbean District 
Amiya  Williams  Montana District