We have some incredible updates to share about Circle K International’s Brick x Brick initiative, which is changing lives in Cote d’Ivoire.  

With the help of CKI and other partners and donors, UNICEF has built 299 classrooms with bricks made from recycled plastics. Another 109 classrooms are under construction, and 116 more are in the planning stages. And more than 3,195 tons of plastic waste have been recycled in the process.   

CKI is a big part of that success. In just over a year, CKI has raised more than US$28,000 for UNICEF USA! 

CKI’s fundraising efforts are helping women earn an income by collecting the plastic waste that is manufactured into bricks. These bricks are being used to build classrooms for some of the 1.6 million kids who are currently out of school in Côte d’Ivoire. It doesn’t stop there. Through CKI’s support, teachers will be trained, provided with school supplies and given access to improved hygiene and infection prevention and control. 

Every dollar raised makes a difference:  

  • For just $10, you’re helping provide backpacks filled with essential school supplies for 3 students.  
  • A mere $24 can contribute to crafting five plastic bricks from recycled materials. 
  • $110 goes towards building a bathroom stall at a school — a game-changer for maintaining a healthy school environment, especially for girls.  

Imagine the impact of $48,000 — it can equip an entire classroom from start to finish. This includes constructing the classroom using those innovative plastic bricks, supplying textbooks and learning materials, and offering teacher training.  

Go to circlek.org/brickxbrick to learn more. And don’t forget to start planning your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraisers!