Throughout her term, Nina Bauman has truly exemplified what it means to be a leader of Circle K international. Nina has proven herself extremely dedicated to CKI and its values. As our club president, Nina has continually shown what it means to be a service-oriented leader. She has participated in every service event we have offered as a club and has never ceased to stop putting CKI first. As a hardworking leader in our CKI club, she has continued to develop her abilities, prioritize serving others and promoted many of CKI’s themes and objectives throughout her term and time as a leader.

Nina not only develops her abilities through her leadership in Circle K, but she serves within our Baldwin Wallace community in a variety of other ways. She is also the president of Baldwin Wallace’s chapter of the American Chemical Society. She is a teaching assistant for general, environmental and introductory chemistry, again displaying her dedication for serving others and utilizing her talents and abilities for humanity’s greater good.

Although Nina stays occupied with her many commitments on campus, she continues to prioritize serving CKI and being the best president she can be. Even during the midst of a pandemic, when so many facets of life were uncertain, she continued to lead with a positive attitude and ensured that each member’s CKI experience remained as normal and engaging as possible.

Nina provides a great example of how one can develop their abilities yet continue to dedicate themselves to a greater worthwhile cause. She has been an engaged member of CKI since she joined, continuing to set an exceptional example for younger members and the rest of our executive board.

Nina has attended every club and executive board meeting this semester. Even last year, as our secretary, she remained dedicated to her role — and maintained that dedication into her presidential term these past two semesters. She has always helped to generate ideas during our executive board meetings, pushing us to think outside of the box.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nina found a way to make in-person meetings work safely for as long as she could. Now that we meet online, she has pushed to make our meetings as engaging as possible, striving to make every member feel included and recognized by our club. Our Baldwin Wallace branch of CKI would not be where it is today without the leadership and dedication of Nina Bauman as our president. She has truly proven how outstanding of a president she is — with her relentless efforts at brainstorming innovative ways to improve as a club during a pandemic, motivating the rest of our executive board members to keep pushing, and serving as an admirable example of a service-oriented leader.

The effects of her presidency will positively affect our club for years to come.

CKI Member Spotlight: Nina Bauman

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