Hello Circle K International! 

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed some well-deserved rest before beginning the Spring 2024 semester. There are so many exciting things in store this year – both inside and out of CKI. Brick’s Got Talent is returning this March, the new service year starts on April 1st, I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in May, and hopefully traveling through Europe in June before seeing you all in Denver for International Convention! 

As we head into a new semester, there is immense opportunity for membership growth in your clubs! From the First-Year Ambassador Program to the Strive for 10 initiative, there are numerous avenues for you and your fellow members to actively participate in to expand our CKI family. I encourage you to share your love of service, leadership, and fellowship with friends, classmates, and anyone who shares our commitment to making a difference. Don’t forget to check out circlek.org/resources if you need any help or materials related to membership growth! 

Although the new year is often a time when most people make resolutions, I love to create goals based on where I see myself at the end of the year, and I encourage you to practice this technique for your CKI club! What kind of impact do you want to make? How can you utilize your individual strengths to plan meaningful advocacy activities within the local community? What specific positive changes do you envision making within your CKI club or campus environment, and how do you plan to achieve them? These questions can help us ground ourselves and make sure that our actions as CKI members reflect not only the core values of our organization, but also the passions of individual clubs and members. 

The more we as members can connect with our communities, the more meaningful and impactful our service through CKI will be. This year, I encourage you to be a leader in your community and use your voice to help make CKI a place where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. You are the driving force of change and your voice matters!  

Here’s to a year filled with service, growth, and the joy of making a positive impact in our communities! 

Yours in Service, Leadership, and Fellowship,
Katie Lynch
2023-24 Circle K International Vice President