It’s time to lead and serve! As we begin a new service year, we are seeking motivated CKI members to join our 2021-22 international committees.

Whether you are a new member or club or district leader, this is your opportunity to contribute to the direction of CKI. By serving at the international level, not only will you create bonds with fellow committee members from around the world, but you’ll learn more about CKI and yourself as a leader and teammate.

Members can apply below to be a committee chair or member.

This year, to create greater efficiency, we reorganized the committees and set clear goals for each. Please take a moment to review the committees and consider applying if you have the time and capacity to dedicate yourself to this role. Chair applicants who are not selected will be considered to serve as a member of that respective committee.

Here are the 2021-22 international committees:

    • Events and Awards
      • This new committee comprises what was formerly the CKIx Committee, as well as awards responsibilities of the Governing Documents and Awards Committee. Members on this committee will assist in the planning and execution of CKIx 2022 in Austin, Texas, in July and will oversee international awards.
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Coalition
      • Led by a chair and vice chair, DEI Coalition members will be made up of members of the other committees as well as two at-large members, this coalition will ensure CKI policies, practices and programs are inclusive and equitable to all members.
    • Global Development
      • The committee will focus on expanding Circle K International outside the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Committee members will work to build and strengthen Circle K International clubs and to create a solid foundation for international clubs through membership, development, education, outreach and marketing.
    • Governing Documents
      • Members of this committee will focus on updating and organizing Circle K International Bylaws as well as other important governing documents. Members will also craft amendments to CKI governing documents to be considered by the House of Delegates at CKIx 22.
    • Membership Experience
      • The newly constituted Membership Experience Committee is composed of the previous Membership Development and Education Committee, the Kiwanis Family Relations Committee and the Service Committee. With a large membership and wide scope of work, the committee will include at least two service members, a WASH ambassador, a Kiwanis family relations ambassador, a club building specialist and at least two additional general members.
    • Research and Finance
      • This new committee merges the former Finance Committee and the Research and Development Committee. With a mission of helping to implement CKI’s new international dues structure, members will be charged with conducting research on how the organization can best implement the new model.

Applications for committee chairs are due noon EDT, August 2, and applications to join as a member are due noon EDT, August 9.