Ariana White 



Year in School / Grade 



University of Alabama 


Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Forensic Anthropology 

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself. 

Hi, I’m Ariana, but you can call me Ari! In my spare time, I am most likely found either reading or journaling, which are two of my favorite hobbies. My friends always come to me with any questions about bones because one of my jobs is working with skeletal collections, which I am very passionate about. 

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

I’m very excited to continue the work of past boards to revitalize district initiatives and improve communication. I’m excited to see what my board comes up with this year! 

Favorite CKI Memory 

On the way home from a CKI social, I unfortunately got into a car accident. However, one of my closest CKI friends ripped out of her house and drove to sit by me and advocate for me since I was completely stunned and had just totaled my car. 

Favorite Service Project 

My favorite service project is volunteering at the West Alabama Food Bank! I help them with miscellaneous distribution tasks, including taking meal boxes over to a low-income apartment complex for elderly individuals.