Austin Bicknell 


Pacific Northwest 

Year in School / Grade 

3rd year / Junior 


University of Washington 


Political Science and French 

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself. 

This is my sixth year as part of the Kiwanis family and this will be my third year on the CKI district board. Fun fact, I broke my big toe at my first DOTC. Apart from CKI, I am a major fan of Taylor Swift, I enjoy hiking at nearby Mount Rainier National Park, and the highlight of my summer is always watching Big Brother. 

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

I’m most looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity to visit every club in my district. 

Favorite CKI Memory 

My favorite memory was during my term as my division’s lieutenant governor, leading and organizing a divisional name change referendum and throughout the process it better informed members of our district’s structure and gave our division ownership over its name. Long live Emerald Division! 

Favorite Service Project 

My favorite service project is UW’s canoe cleanup project where we get in canoes and fish out trash floating in Lake Washington.