Colton Morton 



Year in School / Grade 



Miami University 


AYA Integrated Social Studies Education 


History and Community-Based Leadership 

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself. 

I am 21 years old, and I’m from Chillicothe, Ohio — the state’s first capital. I am an avid socialite, meaning I’m constantly with friends or making plans to hangout and I like to think I have decent fashion! I enjoy being a member of several organizations on my campus, as well as traveling domestically or abroad, driving around, going shopping in malls or locally at small businesses, going to movies, listening and dancing to music, reflective writing and overall, just being involved with the world around me. After my undergrad education degree is achieved, I hope to attend grad school in Ohio for guidance counseling, educational studies or student affairs in higher education. I want to be in a position or capacity to have an impact on the next generation of our society, schools and students in the field of education. 

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

This is probably so cliche, but I am looking forward to improving the district as best I can as governor. I haven’t quite figured out everything, such as my own personal goals or those for the district, but I know that each leadership position is a learning experience so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of impact I may have. I would like to see us improve the member experience for everyone, especially strengthening the relationships within clubs as well as the district since in my opinion, service and leadership will come naturally. I would also like to see higher attendance rates among district events because I think these are vital in getting a better sense of Circle K. My predecessor has set me up for a successful year, which I’m grateful for and I’m excited to see how it turns out!  

Favorite CKI memory 

My favorite CKI memory has to be when I approached our club’s booth at our campus club fair three days into my freshman year. As a former Key Club member, I was ecstatic to sign up to be a Circle K member. Our then-president and membership development & education chair were tabling and were caught off guard that anyone knew what Circle K was, especially as a freshman. I explained my past to them, and the rest is history. My membership in CKI has brought me opportunities like being our club’s Kiwanis family relations chair during freshman and sophomore year, as well as being a lieutenant governor and on the International Kiwanis Family Relations Committee during my sophomore year and then the office of club President this past year. Not to mention multiple district and international conventions/events like Fall Rally, DCON, CKIx, and CKI Spark! These different opportunities naturally brought about my leadership skills and prompted the chance to provide impactful service to others, which both have driven me to this organization I’ve found a forever home in. 

Favorite service project 

My favorite service projects are our club signature projects that Kiwanis coordinates and sponsors, which include the help of other Kiwanis family members! These are the fall semester’s Holiday Food Drive at the beginning of November and the spring semester’s infamous Pancake Day, usually in April. Both of these large-scale service projects really bring the City of Oxford and Miami University communities together to serve!