Darren Bennett 



Year in school/grade 

Second year 


The Mico University College, Kingston, Jamaica, 




General sciences 

In three to five sentences, tell us about yourself. 

Driven by “true Caribbean spirit, I am a 19yearold male who hails from the resort town of Negril in the Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. To me, there is no greater gift than love, and we see this portrayed in the three tenets of Circle K International. A lover of music, an enthusiast for world culture and a good friend are only a few of my characteristics. I find solace in my deep Roman Catholic faith, and from this, I take pride in all I do, to do my best despite any test. I believe the more I give, the more I get — maybe not physical or monetary goods, but the smiles on people’s faces and their prayers for me to endure. 

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

For my year as governor of the Caribbean District of Circle K International, my main dream is to bridge the gap between public relations, communication, CKI education and Kiwanis family relations across my district. A chain to me is as strong as its weakest link, and identifying root problems is just as necessary as solving them. All this while having fun, of course, and reiterating to our members that ware one team, whave one dream and ware one Caribbean District. 

Favorite CKI memory 

My favorite CKI memory is of the day I was finally told “Presi, job well done.” Unlike many others, my year as president of The Mico University College Circle K International Club didn’t start off strongly. Between constant illness and lack of confidence, my getgo wasn’t enough. But time passed, and after returning to Kingston at the end of summer break to restart school in September, my wheels started moving and I quickly developed my strength. It was the day I had my first successful facetoface board meeting, and I did my very best to see it through. To my surprise, it was excellent, and at the end I received a smile from then club Secretary Atiya McPherson, followed by her saying “Presi, job well done. 

Favorite service project 

My favorite service project is my first single service project while I was club president at The Mico University College Circle K International Club. Over the weekend, my club board, club members, Kiwanis family representatives and our families and friends worked tirelessly and creatively to design and create a small sick bay at the Mico Early Childhood Centre. This sick bay provides a place of comfort and safety to over 30 young students with special needs. I can remember walking into their devotion on Monday morning and seeing the smiles on their faces as they adored their gift. It was then I said to myself, “From big hearts, a little gift for little people.