Derek Nhieu



Year in School / Grade



University of Pennsylvania


Economics, Management

In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself.

I’m Derek Nhieu, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying economics and management with intended specializations in organizational effectiveness and entrepreneurship and innovation. I’m a Vietnamese-Chinese-American, a low-income student and a first-generation immigrant. Outside of CKI, I’m involved in Penn Student Government, host a podcast, give campus tours, mentor students and play Magic: The Gathering. I’m also a member of Kappa Alpha Society. I’m interested in leadership, service, social impact, public speaking, psychology, education and empowerment, the environment, personal growth, and teams and organizations.

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor?

I’m most looking forward to continuing to strengthen and grow my district, as well as meeting new people and getting more involved in CKI, the Kiwanis family and service.

Favorite CKI Memory

My favorite CKI memory is being at the January Pennsylvania CKI district board meeting and filming a promotional video for our DCON. We were wandering around the hotel, trying to find the right places to shoot. I saw a “Do Not Enter” sign and pole on the ground that was meant to be used when a restroom was being cleaned. I picked it up, and a minute later a janitor came around the corner and saw me holding it. I had wanted to keep it, but I played it off, gave it to him, and told him that it had fallen on the ground. It was a very humorous moment for everyone there.

Favorite Service Project

My favorite service project was Dance Marathon. I helped to plan, coordinate and raise funds for the event. It was super fun, and you could see the impact and meaning the project had on the Miracle Children and their families.