Meit Dave 



Year in School / Grade 

Incoming Senior 


University of South Florida 


Biomedical Sciences 



In 3-5 sentences, tell us about yourself 

I have always aspired to be of help to anyone who needs it. My passion to be of service to those in need and love of science made my decision to be a medical professional an obvious choice. When I am not concentrating on school or serving my community via CKI, I make sure to spend as much free time as I can ensuring my dog, Almond, is living the best life he can.  

What are you most looking forward to about your year as governor? 

I have been a member of Circle K in all of my years of college. There were many times where I felt as though it did not operate in a manner that would instill a passion to join and serve for potential members. My biggest goal as governor is to examine everything that has been done in past years, determine what may have been the cause of this problem and do everything I can to ensure that the Florida District can be put on the path of growth and development. 

Favorite CKI Memory 

My favorite CKI memory was last year at Florida’s Leadership Training Conference. As the conventions chair, it was my responsibility to make sure that the conference that was not only informative in that all officers left feeling prepared to tackle the year with confidence, but also one that was unique from those prior so returning members would have a reason to come back. There was a moment at the start of the conference when so many people had occupied the main building that it took my breath away. I was excited that all of the planning my district board and I put into the conference was working 

Favorite service project 

My favorite service project that my club, USF CKI, participates in is Metropolitan Ministries. It is a soup kitchen where we prepare the foods that companies donate and interact with those in need. There was one specific point when it hit me that I was on a firstname basis with a couple of people who worked there, and that made me feel very comfortable.