With 2022 quickly coming to an end, we want to look back and celebrate the top CKI moments. Here are five of our favorites!

CKI’s 75th birthday

We celebrated a big milestone. CKI turned 75. That’s right, 2022 marked 75 years of service, leadership and fellowship. Together we’ve raised money for important causes and initiatives, championed change on topics such as gender equality and diversity, equity and inclusion and expanded our reach to over 18 countries. Seventy-five years of Circle K International memories and lifelong friendships. Thank you for being a part of our history.

2022 CKI International Convention

Austin, Texas, was abuzz with CKI members who gathered to celebrate fellowship, leadership and service. Of course, it wasn’t all business. Convention is a time when members from around the world can exchange ideas and form lasting friendships. Before the event kicked off, CKI hosted 15 of the organization’s emerging leaders for the inaugural Next Up event. During the convention, three-time Paralympic swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Evan Austin shared inspiring stories and members learned from motivational speaker Dan Faill that it’s OK to fail. CKI’s new project with UNICEF USA, Brick x Brick, was unveiled. During the House of Delegates, eight amendments were passed, and new leaders were elected to oversee the organization. More than 140 awards were given to clubs and members for their hard work and dedication to CKI. Austin did not disappoint, and we’re glad you were a part of it.

Tomorrow Fund changes

In 2022, the Circle K International board made significant changes to the Tomorrow Fund in hopes of creating a more accessible and effective way for clubs and districts to complete service.

Clubs and districts now receive their grant money before completing their project instead of being reimbursed. Recipients will still be required to complete a recap report.

We are excited to offer two grant cycles each year. Clubs can now apply for grants ranging from US$200 to $2,000 that are distributed in December and June. Since implementing the new process, we have provided $18,541 in grants to 23 clubs and districts.

Completion of WASH Project

In 2017, CKI set out to raise $240,000 to bring safe and sustainable water and sanitation services to Haiti through the WASH Project, supporting UNICEF USA. The 5-year initiative focused on Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Each year, clubs and districts committed themselves to raising money for the project. From water walks to on-campus talent shows, members found creative ways to put their spin on fundraising for a worthy cause.

The New Jersey District rose above the rest and raised $37,173. The district’s Stockton University and Rutgers University raised $10,426 and $8,233 to earn them the titles of top fundraising clubs.

With the conclusion of the project in July, CKI was able to donate $278,226.74, surpassing our original goal!

Introduction of Brick x Brick

In 2022, we rolled out our new project with UNICEF USA, Brick x Brick. Together, we will help build a sustainable future through education and empowerment for families in the African nation of Côte d’Ivoire. The money raised will help women create recycling networks to collect plastic waste, which will be manufactured into bricks. These bricks will be used to build classrooms for some of the 1.6 million children who are currently out of school.

The Brick x Brick project correlates with three of our existing service initiatives — childhood development, environmental justice and alleviating food insecurity and homelessness — making it a perfect fit. The Circle K International Board of Trustees created the Bricks Got Talent social media challenge and tasked each board member with designing a personalized brick to showcase. The weeklong contest raised $1,727.

CKI will continue to raise money over the next three years for Brick x Brick. More information about the project and how to donate can be found at circlek.org/brickxbrick.

Those are just a few of the many incredible memories we made in 2022. We look forward to another outstanding year of service, leadership and fellowship in 2023.