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Division and district leadership

The club is the first and most important level of CKI. It's the heart of CKI's service. And while the most community service happens on the club level it's also important to recognize the additional levels of leadership in our student led organization. Clubs have support beyond their local sponsoring Kiwanis club, Kiwanis advisor and faculty advisor.


Small regions of clubs form divisions, which are led by lieutenant governors. The lieutenant governor is responsible for servicing the needs of the clubs in his or her division by visiting, counseling, assisting, getting clubs involved in district or divisional projects and evaluating club progress. The lieutenant governor is the club's primary liaison to the district. 


As we've mentioned, small regions of clubs form divisions. However, every division in a region is part of a larger entity known as a district. Districts are either one state or a combination of states, provinces or countries. Their main function is to develop and maintain clubs with the specified region. The district is led by a governor, a secretary, treasurer (or secretary/treasurer), bulletin editor and lieutenant governors. Each district also has a district administrator who provides guidance to the board and functions as a liaison between the CKI board and the Kiwanis district.